Scorefitter 3

  • Original royalty-free music for use on Studio projects
  • Automatically adjusts the music track to the movie's length
  • High-quality audio plays in stereo or surround sound


The perfect enhancement for the Pinnacle Studio audio tool set

—includes 12 Travel themes from all around the world

With one click, add drama, irony, fun or illustrate the mystique of far away places with Pinnacle Scorefitter Volume 3 - Travel Pack. Volume 3 comes packed with royalty-free music, focusing on a travel theme, the perfect companion to set the mood for your movies edited with Studio. Included are tranquil sounds from the Far East, hot tempos of Brazil, the relaxing rhythms of an island paradise, American roots and more. The tracks are in high quality 16 bit 48kHz, which is better than CD quality, and come in several tempos. Scorefitter Volume 3 - Travel Pack is the perfect enhancement for the Studio (12 and greater) audio tool set.

Beautiful Orient: This song group captures and merges three moving themes of the Orient. It begins with a traditional Chinese folk melody, followed by a zen meditative relaxation theme, and finally to end, a dramatic desert theme.

Blue Lagoon: Palm trees, lagoon beaches and fun on the islands. Lively music for cocktail sipping by the open water. These themes range in moods of playful to romantic.

Greek Adventures: Festive sounds from Greece and it’s patchwork of Islands. These richly orchestrated traditional Greek themes compliment vacation scenes of a wide variety.

Native Highlands: Scottish and Celtic influenced music. These expansive sounding themes were created to portray beautiful rolling landscapes. Upbeat and inspiring to complement your visions.

Old Time Cowboy: Authentic themes reminiscent of the Old West. Piano saloons, tumbleweed and horseback set the backdrop to this song set. Authentic and Cinematic at times.

Americana: These modern guitar centered themes range from positive feeling to introspective and sentimental. A modern take on the roots of American music culture.

Jamaican Spirit: African/Caribbean style music at its best. These upbeat themes capture the positive vibes of modern African/Caribbean fusion music and rhythms. A musical celebration of vibrant colors and harmony.

Tribal Culture: Tribal and soundscape oriented African music evoking scenes of adventure and all things wild. Intense and exciting themes to complement a wide variety of applications.

Brazilian Nights: Carnival, samba, fun. This song group captures the infectious rhythms of Brazilian samba music. Festive and authentic, a musical backdrop for dancing, parties and parades.

Spanish Streets: Flamenco music is filled with intensity and fire. This song group brings you romantic and passionate Flamenco style guitar and rhythms, born from a wide array of cultural influences.

Reggae: One of Jamaica’s most influential styles of music, Reggae is filled with good feelings and good vibes. This song group consists of a wide variety of traditional Reggae themes with a modern touch.

Travel Atmospheres: A musical bed of natural and atmospheric textures to invoke the feeling of travel. This song group contains positive and free flowing themes with reflective moments.

System Requirements

Works with Pinnacle Studio version 12 or greater (all variants: Studio, Studio Plus, Studio Ultimate, and Studio Ultimate Collection). Same minimum system requirements as your Pinnacle Studio software.