When creating a visually aesthetic video, there are many details and aspects that are involved with the process. Yet, what many new video directors fail to realize is that the video's lighting is one of the most important factors that can truly impact its quality.

To better help you grasp the idea of video lighting, in this blog, we will explain why lighting is so crucial to your video production and how you can create the perfect lighting setup with the equipment you have.

Why is Lighting Important

Lighting is extremely important for video production, as cameras do not respond to the lights the same way as a human eye does. As a result, additional lighting is typically necessary to create comparable quality to what the human eye can see naturally.

Also, lighting can help determine a scene's mood, evoke feelings, and create drama for the video.

How to Set Up Video Lighting

Depending on your budget, time limits, and even your crew, your video lighting will vary significantly. For these reasons, it is essential to understand how to set up your video lighting depending on what equipment you are working with:

One Light Video Setup

When working with just one light or your "key light," you want to make sure to position it, so it is about 35 to 45 degrees in front of or just above your subject. This will ensure there is shot dept, drama, and texture that result from the shadows that this key light will create on the subject's face. If you want to soften the light, you can apply some sheer material in front of the source. This will produce a nice, soft light onto your subject and create a great-looking image.

Two Light Video Setup

Even though the two-light video setup is often neglected compared to the other options, it is a great choice. Mainly because of the numerous lighting options you can create. For instance, you can place a pair of large soft lights behind your subject to produce an intense highlight around them. If you want your subject to be clearly defined, you can have one light acting as the key and the other as the fill and have your subject in front of a contrasting background.

Three Light Video Setup

The three-light video setup is a favorite amongst cinematographers, CG work, and photographers. This lighting setup allows the filmmaker to create a three-dimensional look by placing the light sources at strategic points around the subject. Consequently, each light source illuminates a separate dimension and creates an image with a greater representation of depth, height, and width. Plus, it is also easy to change the look you are trying to create by merely altering your light sources' ratio. For example, if you have an intense key light but a weak fill light, your subject can be unevenly lit, meaning the shot will be perfect if you try to create a creepy image.


Once you understand how light setups can impact your video, you can start playing with more advanced cinematography techniques. At Pinnacle Studio, with our tips, tricks, and tutorials, you can take your video filming and editing to a whole new level and help you start creating the videos you have always dreamed of producing.

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