Some decades ago, it was almost impossible to capture a jump out of a plane until the GoPro cameras came to the scene. Moreover, the boom in social media has made GoPro videos popular since people can upload their experience videos on the platforms. This article will cover GoPro video editing skills to assist you in turning your GoPro footage into a stunning success for sharing online.

What are GoPro videos?

GoPro videos are video records of fast-moving subjects and sequences. GoPro videos not only bring new user experience but also allow viewers to feel the intensity of the videos.

Common videos made with GoPro

GoPro cameras are the best for your adventure. The versatile nature of the cameras makes them ideal for capturing videos, including:

  • Recording a journey
  • Recording yourself in action
  • Capturing your dimensional family videos
  • Swimming videos

Recording a journey

Whether you are using a bike or car, you can record your videos and replay your memories at a later date. You can attach your GoPro camera to your bag or hat, record your adventure's best bits, and create amazing GoPro videos if you are out exploring on holiday. The tiny nature of the GoPro camera makes them beneficial for this type of video.

Recording yourself in action

GoPro cameras are the best for recording yourself while skiing, running, skateboarding, mountain climbing, and more. The ability of these cameras to create amazing point-of-view videos makes them the best for such videos.

Capturing your dimensional family videos

You can use GoPro cameras to capture your best family moments. All you need to do is use the straps and harnesses available to attach to your children's toys before starting the action. The compact nature of the cameras makes them ideal for capturing such family experiences since they can be attached to your sports equipment.

Swimming videos

GoPro comes with a waterproof casing enabling you to take videos underwater. You can use a GoPro camera for your diving and surfing exercises since they can capture underwater experiences that ordinary cameras cannot venture.

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The GoPro video file format

If you want to edit your GoPro videos, you have to convert your video format at some point. Typically, GoPro converts videos into two file formats:

  • MP4
  • HEVC format

The file format to use is determined by the type of GoPro you use. For instance, most GoPro HERO cameras take videos using H.264 video codec format while h.264/AVC videos use the MP4 file container. MP4 files can be viewed and edited using almost all available editing software and media players. On the contrary, HEVC is edited using MOV file formats which are not versatile as MP4.

Converting a GoPro footage into HEVC format poses some problems since this format does not perform well on old devices. Additionally, it is challenging to edit HVAC files as they do not allow you to incorporate visual and audio narration. Therefore, it is advisable to work with an MP4 file format that uses AVC.

8 tips and best practices for editing GoPro videos

You can turn your raw GoPro footage into a stunning video and share it with the world by using these tips:

  • Purchase the right GoPro video editing software
  • Select the best of your GoPro video clips
  • Remove noise from your GoPro footage
  • Make your GoPro shots more stable
  • Correct fisheye to make your GoPro video appear normal
  • Make your GoPro slow-motion videos smooth
  • Increase the speed of your GoPro videos to skip repeated sections
  • Improve your visual video quality by adding effects and filters

Purchase the right GoPro video editing software

You should invest in the right editing software like Pinnacle Studio, a professional video editing tool that is easy to operate.. You can use this software to cut, trim, merge, rotate, add effects, watermark, and create time-lapse. Also, you can contrast, hue, adjust your video brightness and then export your edited video to your preferred format.

Select the best of your GoPro video clips

To make your final GoPro video appealing, you should choose the best moments of your raw footage and merge them. After joining them, you should choose the best output format like MP4 H264 from the target format.

Remove noise from your GoPro footage

You should reduce the noise from your raw GoPro video background to make it look more professional. You must remove all sounds of chattering people, wind, and motor engines. To eliminate sounds from your video in post-editing, you have to use filters. Any sound that is low or beyond the customized value. Usually, the recommended noise value is 500-2000 Hz, and thus you should ensure your video noise lies in this range.

Make your GoPro shots more stable

You can use GoPro HyperSmooth electronic stabilization tool to edit your videos. This feature is available from HERO 7 Black to the latest GoPro HERO 10 Black and can be upgraded into HyperSmooth 4.0 when recording in 16:9 5.3K 24fps.

If your initial edition does not achieve the desired outcome, you can stabilize your footage in post-editing. Unfortunately, GoPro Studio and GoPro Quik do not support stabilizing functions, but Pinnacle Studio can stabilize your 5.3K/4K GoPro video in a second.

Correct fisheye to make your GoPro video appear normal

You can record your GoPro videos using a super-view angle though it might make your videos distorted and have a fisheye look. Make sure to edit the GoPro fisheye distortion to make your video look normal.

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Make your GoPro slow-motion videos smooth

With GoPro, you can set your motion pictures at 8X-slow-mo during your production. However, 8X slow motion is not ideal for highlighting fast-moving objects, and thus, you should lower it further in the post-editing stage. You can use Pinnacle Studio, which gives you a slider to slow down your video. To achieve a cinematic outcome, you should apply slow-mo to different segments of your GoPro footage.

Increase the speed of your GoPro videos to skip repeated sections

If you don't want to delete the repeated shots in your GoPro video, you should speed them up. Though the auto mode in GoPro enables you to get time-lapse, there is a need to speed your video to meet the required time duration.

Improve your visual video quality by adding effects and filters

GoPro has achieved 4k resolution, which enables you to capture 5.2K 30fps and 4K 120fps videos. However, your camera resolution does not influence the visual quality of your video since factors such as a low lighting environment might lead to grainy footage. Therefore, to make your shots of high quality, you should add filters and other effects like saturation and contrast in post-editing.

Video editing basics for GoPro

Your final goal should be to make your video of high quality and magnificent, and thus, you should consider the following best video edits:

Stabilizing a GoPro video

You should ensure that your GoPro video is stabilized and free of shaking. Stabilizing is essential since your video viewers want to track the events as they follow one another. Your properly stabilized video will be interesting since its content will be straightforward because of the proper camera rotation and movement. When capturing your GoPro videos, you should always consider putting video stabilization.

You should start stabilizing your videos at the production stage; however, you can use GoPro stabilization software if the video appears shaky despite trying. For instance, the stabilization feature in GoPro 5 and above can expectedly solve your stabilization problem.

Flipping and rotating a GoPro video

When recording events such as weddings and sports activities, you can avoid being shaky by providing your video with stability. Despite trying, your video might appear wrongly oriented hence the need to flip or rotate it either 90 or 180 degrees to make it stable. Converting your disoriented video makes it fun to watch, as otherwise, an upside-down video is a turn-off to many.

Altering the video's original audio

The sound you have recorded in your GoPro video will, in most cases, be rough and hard to follow. You should try editing the audio and replacing it with either music or pre-recorded audio. Sound in your GoPro video is more important than the video since it helps engage the audience. Sound also helps deliver information, evoke emotional responses and increase your production value. Corporate videos are a serious investment, and therefore, you should ensure to give the sound a technical priority; otherwise, you will be wasting your resources.

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Time-lapse videos with GoPro

Here are types of videos that can benefit from your time-lapse edits:

  • People at leisure. You can use your GoPro dedicated camera to capture people at leisure. All you need is pointing out the chosen subject and set your camera time-lapse. You can set your GoPro camera at 2, 4,6,10 up to 30 seconds intervals.
  • A sunset-processed in-camera. It can be challenging to shoot a sunset since sunlight changes at different times of the day. You can avoid this by using your GoPro camera and making manual adjustments to capture a stunning sunset shot.

360-degree videos with GoPro

Educational videos benefit from the use of 360 visuals. These videos enable learners to make connections with their learning through visual explanations and examples. When you use 360 degrees videos, you allow learners to engage with their surroundings.

What to look for when choosing GoPro editing software

If you want to choose the best GoPro software, there are several factors you should consider:

  • Your budget
  • Compatibility and video stabilization
  • Other editing features

Your budget

You should be sure how much you plan to spend on your GoPro video editing software. You should decide whether you want a software for your basic video editing or one with exclusive editing features.

Compatibility and video stabilization

You need to choose a GoPro software that will be compatible with your GoPro footage. Generally, GoPro cameras record videos in MP4 which is one of the most commonly used digital file formats.

Additionally, you should go for the best GoPro software with a video stabilization feature. GoPro videos are by nature shaky hence the need to stabilize them. If your video is unstable, your video viewers will miss some exciting actions in your film. Purchasing good software will help you eliminate all shakiness in your video and correct any lens distortion. Pinnacle Studio is a trusted digital video hardware and software manufacturer which offers the best deals globally.

Other editing features

Although stabilization is the most essential feature for editing your GoPro video footage, you also need to access other features to make your video better. Other additional elements you might consider before purchasing the ideal editing software include color contrast and more. You should ponder how you would want to manipulate your footage to help you choose the best software that meets your needs


GoPro cameras are the world's leading versatile cameras that will transfer your GoPro footage, stabilize it and merge it into a presentation that will leave your viewers amazed. However, the quality of the GoPro video you will make will depend on your GoPro camera and editing software investment.

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