Once you've shot your high-quality GoPro footage, you can use a video editor to apply a variety of effects, stabilization, and more to turn your videos into a polished presentation. However, you may be wondering how to edit GoPro videos and what you'll need to edit them.

Using the right software and editing techniques, you can effectively edit your GoPro videos and impress audiences.

Is GoPro editing different from normal video editing?

Like other types of video, so much of the editing process will depend on the quality of the film. Ultimately, the best way to edit GoPro videos is to use compatible GoPro editing software and make sure that your original footage is relatively easy to work with. If your footage uses a frame rate that's too low or the footage is simply too shaky, it will be difficult to edit the video in a way that makes it presentable. Unlike other types of cameras, GoPro footage tends to be naturally shaky, as it tends to be in the middle of the action as opposed to observing it from the sidelines.

When shooting your GoPro videos, try to optimize frame rate, resolution, and field of view (FOV). Also, try to properly frame and angle your shots to ensure they're conducive to editing in post-production. If possible, minimize shakiness to make the footage easier to stabilize, seeing as this is the main issue that can make GoPro editing different from normal video editing.

How to edit GoPro videos

After filming your GoPro video, you're likely going to ask "how to edit my GoPro videos" as you look for ways to put the final product together. If you want to find out how to edit GoPro videos on PC and Mac computers, the best strategy is to look for reliable GoPro video editing software. While you can use GoPro's free editing software, the features and capabilities will be limited with any type of free editor. Depending on your needs, you may want to find an editor with all of the features required to complete your video.

When editing your GoPro videos, it helps to think about a specific type of story you would like to tell with them. From there, you can decide how best to approach the editing process. Some tasks you may want to consider performing when editing GoPro videos include:

  • Trimming and cropping your videos — You may want to trim and cut your videos into clips, converting long scenes into short, shareable videos that have the potential to go viral on social media or other platforms. You can also use trimming and cropping to piece together a patchwork of various scenes to construct a longer narrative.
  • Stabilization — GoPro camera footage tends to have some degree of shakiness, particularly when used for POV shots with helmet and chest mounts or telescoping poles. Although you won't be able to completely fix shaky raw footage, there are ways to use a stabilization feature to keep everything in frame and reduce wobbliness, vibrations, and motion blur.
  • Rotation — You may also need to rotate your videos if the camera angle changes while filming. Rotation can keep your films level and consistent, preventing disorientation.
  • Zooming — In some GoPro videos, zooming in on subjects can help keep the audience focused on what matters in your video or highlight certain key moments. Subtle zooming in and out can also make the video feel more dynamic and lend to the overall sense of motion.

In addition to these tasks, adding various effects may be in order. With the right software, you can add a variety of transitions, titles, color corrections, grading, and changes in tone. Slow-motion and acceleration effects can also enhance GoPro videos. The soundtrack is also important to consider, in which case a good editor will enable you to add music or other types of sound effects to supplement the visuals in your videos.


There are many ways to edit your GoPro videos, but in addition to good filming techniques, you need dependable video editing software. Pinnacle Studio includes a wide range of features that can give you everything you need to edit your GoPro footage. Learn more about how you can use Pinnacle Studio to complete your next GoPro video project.

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