Scorefitter 1

  • Original royalty-free music for use on Studio projects
  • Automatically adjusts the high-quality music track to the movie's length
  • Includes four unique new "stingers"


Bring professional-quality music to your movies

Pinnacle Scorefitter Volume 1 adds a new sonic dimension to your moviemaking. The collection delivers a wide variety of original royalty-free songs for Pinnacle Studio Versions 11 and greater. All tracks are recorded at 16-bit, 48 kHz for better-than-CD audio quality.

Unique New Sound:

Volume 1 features a new type of sound effect called a "stinger." Between three and eight seconds long, a stinger is a sound or audio effect used to accompany a short video sequence, such as a transition, special video effect, or animated graphic. Stingers are commonly used in TV and films.

Add Atmosphere:

Volume 1 also comes with two background themes—World and Inspirational—that contain five songs each. For added depth and control, up to 12 variations are available for each background track, depending on the length of the movie.

Perfect Fit:

Adding these songs to your movie is a snap with Pinnacle Scorefitter. Just preview and pick the track you want. Scorefitter places the music on the audio timeline and automatically adjusts the track to match the length of your movie.

Pinnacle Scorefitter Volume 1 features:

  • 14 original royalty-free music tracks
  • 4 stingers (short audio accents)
  • 10 background tracks with up to 12 variations (tempo, mood) per track
  • 48 kHz (better-than-CD) sound quality
  • Scorefitter automatically adjusts track to movie's length (except stingers)

Included Tracks:

  • Stingers : Cloud Dust, Evolution, Comedy, and Sentimental
  • World : Parisian Travels, Pure Paradise Trekking, Across India, and World Island
  • Inspirational : Dawn of a New Day, Outdoor Breeze, Tranquil Times, Together, and Sunshine

System Requirements

Works with Pinnacle Studio version 11 or greater (all variants: Studio, Studio Plus, Studio Ultimate, and Studio Ultimate Collection). Same minimum system requirements as your Pinnacle Studio software.

Note: Scorefitter vol.1 is included in Avid Studio