Need to convert M4V to MP4?

Quickly convert video files with Pinnacle Studio

Why convert .M4V file to .MP4 file

M4V and MP4 are often confused, as they are both utilized by Apple's software, like iTunes and QuickTime. They are nearly identical in terms of quality, but M4V uses different codecs and will have a larger file size. The main difference comes into compatibility, where MP4 shines as most media players and devices support it. M4V is limited to devices and media players made by Apple, such as QuickTime and iTunes. Another downside to M4V is Apple's DRM protection, which makes it more limited than MP4. So why should you convert from M4V to MP4? Well, if you need a file that is compatible with a multitude of devices and media players, MP4 is the choice. There is no real downside to using MP4 over M4V as they essentially have the same quality, but with M4V's DRM protection and limited support, it makes MP4 the more user-friendly file type.

NOTE: Pinnacle Studio is Only Available for Windows OS.

How to convert M4V to MP4 in Pinnacle Studio

Step 1. Open Pinnacle Studio

Open Pinnacle Studio on your PC (if you need to install Pinnacle Studio, follow the buy now link above, run the installation file, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation and setup process).

Step 2. Add your video file to the timeline

Simply drag and drop the video from the Pinnacle Studio library or your computer file explorer on to the timeline. Should you wish to crop video, trim video, or make any other edits, now is the time to do so.

Step 3. Convert video

When you’re happy with the video on the timeline, go to the Export tab in Pinnacle Studio. The default tab on the export tab is to export to file. Here you can select which file type you wish to export your video as.

Under properties, you can select the video profile to render too. To the right, under the preview pane, you can see the projected file size. Ex. If you select a 4K video format, the file size will be larger than if you export to an HD profile. Once your file type and profile are selected, you can proceed to export.

Step 4. Export video

To begin export, press the Start Export button. This will render your video to the file format of your choice. This is a quick and easy way to export and convert video from one file format to another.

Looking to convert more files to MP4?

Pinnacle Studio is more than a M4V to MP4 converter. We built Pinnacle Studio to convert many file formats, including the formats below.

Pinnacle Studio is more than just a M4V to MP4 converter

We designed Pinnacle Studio to do so much more than just convert files. With a wide range of features, tools, and templates, Pinnacle Studio has everything you need to create amazing videos.