How To Add Text To A Video

Video can be so much more than just images and audio in today’s online media environment. Add text to a video to bring out important details like business information, compelling captions, and generally add some depth to your content. Many social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook also autoplay videos muted, so adding text is a great way to keep your social media audiences engaged. Get started in the guide below.

1. Install Pinnacle Studio

To install Pinnacle Studio video editing software on your PC, download and run the installation file above. Continue following on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

2. Open Title Editor

To create a text layer, click the Create Title (Ctrl+5) button in the header bar of the Layer List timeline. Title Editor window will appear.

Open Title Editor

3. Add Text

Add the text under Text Settings. Adjust fonts, font sizes and styles from there.
You can also change Look Settings, Background Settings and Stereoscopic Settings.

Add Text

4. Choose a Look

Choose a text style from the wide range of choices.

Choose a Look

5. Set Motion

Switch to Motions to modify text justification and flow.

Set Motion

6. Adjust Duration

Specify the length of the video where the text will appear. Click OK to finish.

Adjust Duration

Pinnacle Studio does more than just add text to videos

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