YouTube is one of the best video-sharing websites that lets you upload short to long-form videos. It is also a popular platform among internet users with over 2.3 billion users. YouTube has also made it easy for anyone with an internet connection to open an account.

Equally, internet users prefer watching videos over other forms of content. To that end, businesses ranging from big brands, startups, and hobbyists use the channel to reach out, engage customers, and monetize their content.

If you intend to upload videos using an iPhone, you may encounter challenges related to connectivity, conflicts with internal apps, or YouTube errors. So, how can you upload a video on YouTube seamlessly? Let's explore.

How to Upload a Video to YouTube From iPhone

You can upload a video directly from the YouTube app or using the Photo application. Below is a step-by-step guide to each application.

Directly From YouTube Application

Step 1: A YouTube account is linked to a Google account; therefore, you must ensure you have an active Gmail account. You'll use this account to log in while creating and uploading a video.

Step 2: Locate the YouTube app on your iPhone, launch, and log in. Next click on your YouTube profile, followed by the YouTube studio icon, and then the create button at the top bar.

Step 3: Tap on the video recorder icon at the top menu bar. The video function allows you to either upload an already recorded video or stream live.

Step 4: Select the video you want to upload to the file explorer and click upload.

Step 5: Before you publish, the app will allow you to edit the video — trim, add filters, and audio insert description, privacy setting, and thumbnail. After verifying everything, hit the publish button.

Photo App Method

Step 1: Launch the Photos App

Step 2:  Locate and select the video you'd like to upload.

Step 3: Click on the share button and select the YouTube icon.

Step 4: Add video description, title, filters, and other enhancements.

Step 5: Click upload

A point to note: Ensure you've signed into your Google account before launching the Photos App. Nonetheless, the system will prompt you to sign in after clicking the share button.

Using Pinnacle Studio to Edit and Upload to YouTube

Pinnacle Studio is a filmmaking application that allows users to upload videos, edit, add effects, descriptions, and export to the YouTube application. Here are a few aspects that make Pinnacle Studio unique.

Advantages of Using Pinnacle Studio Editor

Time-Saving: Pinnacle studio editor is a professional editing tool that achieves excellent results in a fraction of time. Consequently, it eliminates time spent experimenting.

Visually Impressive Videos: The chances of scoring a lead depend on quality content backed with great visuals. Pinnacle studio editor creates excellent videos that can impress website visitors, resulting in better engagement and higher sales.


Music: Pinnacle studio has a function to add music tracks using the Scorefitter feature, enhancing the quality of the video.

Video Editing: It has a video editor that lets you trim, change the positioning, or review clips to suit the intended outcome.

Effects: Pinnacle has a wide variety of effects you can choose from depending on the intended purpose. For instance, you can use video speed effects such as slow-motion or fast-forward to highlight a moment.

Other key features: title editor, seamless transitions, color grading, and color correction tools.

Try Pinnacle Studio for Your Next YouTube Video

A high-quality video can go viral, resulting in broad reach, more traffic, and higher sales. It's crucial to prepare a video by editing, adding effects, and quality descriptions. A video editor eliminates chances of making mistakes as it helps you to fine-tune a file before publishing.

Pinnacle Studio is the perfect tool for your YouTube channel. It has unique features like color grading, a title editor, and dynamic video masking.