"How to upload a video to YouTube from iPad" is a commonly asked question online. This is because recent iOS versions lack an option for uploading directly. In older versions, all you had to do was open your iPad's Photos app and choose to share to YouTube. However, it is still possible for you to upload videos to your YouTube channel using your iPad. 

How to upload a video to YouTube from iPad

It is easy to upload a video to YouTube from an iPad. However, you should first download and install the YouTube iOS app. You can record new videos directly from the app and upload them. Alternatively, you can upload the videos saved on your iPad that you had recorded earlier using the device's Camera app. 

To upload videos to YouTube from your iPad, follow these steps: 

  1. If you haven't already, go to your App Store and download YouTube 
  2. Launch the app and tap "Account" on the upper-right corner to sign in
  3. Select the camera icon
  4. When prompted, click "Allow YouTube to Access your Camera and Photos."
  5. The screen will display three options; "Record," "Go Live," and your existing pictures or videos
  6. Tap "Record" or "Select a Video" to get several enhancements options such as: 
    • Trim your video. This option allows you to cut your video to the length that you desire. This is especially important if you need to upload a video that exceeds 15 minutes in length and your account is unverified. YouTube only allows verified accounts to upload videos that exceed 15 minutes in length.
    • Add music. You can tap the music icon to add music to your video
    • Add filters. Tapping the magic/filter icon will allow you to add numerous types of filters

You should note that you have an option of choosing whether to or not to make enhancements to your video. You can choose to go ahead and upload your video without any edits. 

When you have finished editing, tap "Done."

Insert a header and description for your video. Ensure that your title is descriptive enough and accurately reflects the video's nature. The title should have no more than 100 characters. If you choose to attach a description for your video, it should consist of 5,000 characters, at most. 

Before you can start uploading, it is important to understand YouTube's privacy settings so that you can protect your videos from being visible to the more than a billion people who can access YouTube.

Below are the YouTube privacy settings you should know as you upload your videos to the platform:

  • Public. This means that anyone who accesses YouTube can see the video. Use this setting for videos that are informative, educational, informational, entertaining, or those that create awareness about a particular service or product. You should also ensure that you rightfully own the videos you upload for public view.
  • Private. This setting is for videos that other people cannot view. You can view the videos alone or can offer selected people to see them.
  • Unlisted. When you apply this setting, only the people with a link to the video can see it. These videos are normally unlisted on your YouTube channel and do not appear on the YouTube search results.
  • Scheduled. This setting is ideal when you are launching a video campaign. It allows you to prevent the videos you upload from being viewed by the public until the set date and time.

After choosing an appropriate privacy setting, select "Upload." The upload for your video will begin, and once it is finalized, the video will appear in your "Videos" list.

Using Pinnacle Studio to edit and upload to YouTube

While you can edit your videos using your iPad's Photos app or the YouTube app before you upload, it is better to use more professional software for excellent results. Pinnacle Studio is one of the advanced programs that you can use for all your editing needs. This software gives you the unparalleled accuracy, power, and control you crave to produce a state-of-the-art video. You will enjoy advanced keyframing and hundreds of pro-caliber tools and creative effects that enable you to produce a video that will wow and inspire your audience. 

Recent iOS updates made it impossible to upload videos to YouTube directly from your iPad. However, it is still possible and easy to upload videos to your channel using the YouTube app. However, you need to edit your videos like a pro to impress your audience. Pinnacle Studio has the powerful tools you need for some of your best videos yet.