You don't have to explain to anyone the overwhelming power that comes with owning an iPhone. We might not always stop and think about just how awesome that little device in our pockets is, but the reality is that it contains within it the power to do a whole host of tasks that were once barely imaginable. These days, it is practically expected that the average person will have a smartphone with them literally at all times. As such, questions often come up about how to gain the maximum functionality from these devices, and we are here to help answer some of those questions. 

Can I Speed Up Video On My iPhone?

It is possible to speed up video on the iPhone, and the company itself provides some advice on how to make that happen. That said, the information that comes from the company itself is entirely in regards to the internal functions that are loaded onto every iPhone when it comes out of the box. These tips do not refer to the various outside application providers that can make the process of speeding up video that much more seamless.

How To Speed Up A Video On iPhone

A few simple clicks will allow you to speed up a video on iPhone as long as you are using their internal iMovie function. All that you will need to do in that case is click on the speed barometer at the bottom of your video and look for a yellow scale to appear. This is a scale of the video playback speed for you to adjust as you see fit. You can push that scale all the way over to either direction to rapidly speed up or slow down a video as you see fit. That's all there is to it. That said, there are severe limitations to what you can speed up, and there are even limitations to how fast or slow you can make a movie go. This function was merely created to give users some control over this function, but it lacks some sophisticated functions that make third-party applications much more useful.

Use Pinnacle Studio To Speed Up Your Videos

Pinnacle Studio is the ideal choice for those looking to have full control over the playback speed of a video they are working with. Check out our this step-by-step guide for how to adjust the playback speed.

But here is a quick rundown on how to do it. First, usee keyframes to identify the sections of the video you wish to speed up. Then, click along the yellow line to insert the keyframe  and drag the node to the desired speed. Speed can vary between 10 to 500 percent relative to the original material. Anything under 100 percent is considered slow motion. To increase the speed of the entire clip, with your scrubber at the beginning of the clip, drag the scrubber on the right to your desired speed level.

There is a lot in there, but it is important to notice that you have a very wide range of playback speed options. Additionally, you can choose to alter the speed on just a specific part of the video or on the whole video at your discretion. This may help you isolate a specific part of the video you wish to take a closer look at or even share with someone. Whatever the case may be, the best thing for those who are serious about fully controlling the playback speed of videos that they watch and edit is to get into Pinnacle Studio and play around with their tools.


While iPhone apps are great and work in a pinch, if you want to create great videos that you are proud to share, you may need something a bit more powerful. Use software like Pinnacle Studio for all your editing needs, including speeding up video.

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