It is not uncommon to have a bunch of videos saved on your iPhone. They could be educational, reminders of some special moments in your life, or even just memes. You may have wondered whether you can merge some of the videos into one. This could, for instance, allow you to share them easily or have all your memories in one file.

In this post, we will discuss whether it is possible to merge videos on iPhone and how you can do so. 

Can you combine videos on iPhone?

Yes, you can! There are several stellar apps offered on the iOS platform that allows you to not only splice videos but also edit them together to come up with fresh and fun content. Some of the easiest-to-use and highly popular ones are iMovie and Videoshop. Let us go over how you can use them to combine videos on your iPhone.

How to merge videos on iPhone

Method 1: Combining videos on iPhone using iMovie app

iMovie for iOS lets you create beautiful movies by combining several of the videos you have on your iPhone. You can even transfer the videos you create to different iOS devices via iCloud Drive or AirDrop straight from the app once you are done.

Follow these steps to merge videos on your iPhone using iMovie:

Step 1. Start by installing the iMovie app from your iPhone's App Store. Then, go to your list of apps and launch the app. 

Step 2. After the app opens, it will display three tabs. Select the "Projects" tab to start a new editing job. You will be taken to a screen named "Create Project."

Step 3. The app will prompt you to choose the kind of project that you want to create. Choose "Movie" to combine multiple video files in

Step 4. You will be taken to a screen with your recent videos and photos. Look to the left corner of your iPhone's screen and select "Media."

Step 5. Thereafter, choose "Video" and then select the video folder where the clips you want to merge are located. If you want to see all the videos on your iPhone, tap "All."

Step 6. Choose the videos you would like to combine. You can do this by tapping on the checkbox that appears on top of each video. Repeat that step until you have picked all the videos you need for your merging project. 

Step 7. When you are done choosing the videos you need to merge together, look to the bottom of your iPhone's screen and tap "Create Movie."

Step 8. The following screen allows you to choose the kind of effects, transitions, and text you would like to add.

Step 9. Once you are pleased with your newly merged video, tap "Done" to ensure that it is saved on your iPhone.

Method 2: Combining videos on iPhone using Videoshop

Videoshop is another ideal app that allows you to merge videos on iPhone without any technical experience.

You can follow these steps when combining videos on iPhone using Videoshop:

Step 1. Download the Videoshop app from your iPhone's App Store and launch it. 

Step 2. Select "Create New Video" and the plus icon to start choosing from your saved videos those you want to merge. When merging multiple videos, you can tap "Clips" at the bottom of your screen to drag and drop them in the order you want to merge them.

Step 3. Select the editing options and video effects you need and then any text, transitions, and audio, among other features you would love to add. Then, tap "Next" after you are done editing the new video.

Step 4. Tap the "Sharing" button to ensure that the new video is saved on your iPhone, or you can upload it to popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. Alternatively, you can share directly via Email, WhatsApp, or add it to Dropbox.

Use Pinnacle Studio to combine your videos

Pinnacle Studio is an advanced video editing software that offers you the power, precision, and control you crave when creating professional videos. You will enjoy a suite of basic tools and advanced features that enable you to enhance, combine and alter footage easily. Whether you are a beginner at video editing or a professional producer, Pinnacle Studio has what you need to edit and share your videos seamlessly with any audience.

You can merge videos on iPhone using apps like iMovie and Videoshop. You can also use Pinnacle Studio when you need more features to enhance the quality of your video. While the iPhone apps are great, they cannot offer the suite of tools you need to make a professional video.