Looking for Pinnacle Studio 7?

Pinnacle Studio 21 is now the newest version available

The world of Pinnacle Studio has grown and expanded in so many ways since your purchase of Pinnacle Studio 7. Now, you can explore all of the fresh new tools offered in the latest version of this powerful video editing software. With its powerful new tools and features and its updated hardware support make this version of Pinnacle Studio the most powerful yet.

Top reasons to upgrade from Pinnacle Studio 7

  1. Split Screen video
  2. Create video templates
  3. Multi-Camera Video Editor
  4. Stop Motion Animation
  5. Easy controls for dynamic effects
  6. Pinnacle MyDVD

Access free valuable resources when upgrading from Pinnacle Studio 7

Video Tutorials

Learn new skills and be inspired by Corel’s Discovery Center. Find video tutorials, tips and tricks.
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User to User Forum

Discuss Pinnacle Studio, get advice and swap tips and techniques with other users.
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Free Training

Access tutorials and stock library. Click on the SB icon on your desktop to access your free 21-day trial today.
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User Guide (PDF)

Download PS20 User Guide to access how-to information on features, getting started and much more.
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Resources for Pinnacle Studio 7

If you’re still using Pinnacle Studio 7 and need some assistance with your product, here are some helpful links:

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