Looking for Studio Moviebox?

Studio Moviebox is now called Dazzle DVD Recorder HD and it is better than ever

Pinnacle Discontinued it Studio Moviebox and replaced it with Dazzle. Dazzle still has all of the features of Pinnacle Moviebox, they are just better. You can now transfer analog video to digital, capture from VCR’s, camcorders, convert VHS, Hi8, and V8 video to digital video. Included with Dazzle is Pinnacle Studio, a powerful video editor. This new product works better and is easier to use than Moviebox was, so order today and start converting video.

Top Reasons Dazzle is Better than Pinnacle Moviebox

  1. Better able to Transfer Analog Video to Digital
  2. Better able to Capture from VCRs, Camcorders & More
  3. Better Conversion of VHS, Hi8, and V8 Video to Digital
  4. Better Video Editing Software Included
  5. Burn to DVD or Share Videos Online

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