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Avid Studio is now called Pinnacle Studio and it is better than ever!

Most video editing enthusiasts are familiar with the name of Avid and its frontline video editing software Avid Studio. Avid Studio Pro was comprised of sophisticated editing tools, powerful media management, unlimited timeline tracks and a lot more which made it a professional video editing software. Avid studio retained its place after Avid acquired Pinnacle Studio, a competitor software because it was meant for more professional use. In 2012 Corel bought Avid studio and Pinnacle studio together and merged them as Pinnacle Studio. The name is lost but Avid Studio’s powerful features are still present in the latest Pinnacle Studio.

Top Reasons to Upgrade From Avid Studio

  1. NEW Smart object tracking
  2. NEW Blend modes
  3. NEW Audio features
  4. NEW 8K Import
  5. NEW Keyframe groups
  6. ENHANCED Title Editor
  7. ENHANCED Stability and Performance

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