TikTok Video Editor: How to Find the Best Software

TikTok is a powerful platform for engaging audiences with unique, entertaining, mobile-friendly video content. But how do you actually create the videos in the first place? Sure, you could film something on your phone and upload it straight to TikTok. But how does that compare with the professional content creators on the platform who make incredible videos for a living? That’s where video editing comes in, so let’s dive into why editing is important and what makes the best TikTok video editor.

Why is video editing important?

Video editing is where the video comes to life. It’s the final stage of the process of making a video, where all of your hard work, your planning, choreography, research, and of course filming, pays off. It’s the stage in the process that combines all of the footage into a single, cohesive video, clipping out the mistakes and refining the transitions so that it flows smoothly and effortlessly. It’s also an opportunity to dress up the video by adding music, animated text on screen, and grading the footage to give it a specific look and feel. Video editing is when a series of video clips becomes a video, and it’s how the best TikTok video creators make their videos really stand out.

The TikTok app offers a certain amount of editing capabilities on your phone. But what if you want to do something more complex than trimming a clip? What if you want to create a short drama or documentary, or add some animated motion graphics? That’s when you need to jump into video editing software.

How to choose the best video editing software

There are a lot of types of video editing software available, from basic free software that lets you trim and combine clips to professional software used in Hollywood. Chances are you’ll need something in between. You will need to look out for video editing software that has a wide range of features to cover the process.

Firstly, a non-linear editing timeline. That’s simply a feature that lets you bring all your clips into the software and manipulate them as you see fit. Change the order, the duration, even the speed of the clips within the timeline to create the edit you want. For most people, this will be the feature you use the most. It’s the fundamental process of video editing, storytelling at its purest, and it’s where the bulk of the work is done.

Next up, audio mixing tools. Adding music elevates your video content to the next level. It changes the entire tone and pace of your video, and dictates whether something is a comedy or a horror. Good video editing software will let you adjust music properties such as volume and even add audio effects like reverb.

Adding animated text and motion graphics is a great way to step up the quality of your videos from just static content, and higher quality video editing software includes animation tools.

Finally, color grading lets you add filters to the footage and change the hues of the clips to create different visual styles.

Use Pinnacle Studio to edit your videos

Pinnacle Studio includes all of the above features, making it a complete suite of tools perfect for editing TikTok videos. It’s easy to purchase and download the software to start using right away, making engaging and creative videos to share with your audience on TikTok. Edit, add music, graphics and filters, and render the final output to be uploaded to TikTok.

Practice makes perfect

Video editing is a creative skill, and the only way to improve is to keep working at it. TikTok videos aren’t Hollywood; you don’t need to create Oscar-worthy video content. But by stepping up and using professional video editing software you will unlock a whole world of possibilities to improve your video content, and make the best videos you can.

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