How to Save a TikTok Video: The Ultimate Guide

Ever loved a TikTok video so much you wanted to just keep it on your phone? Or think your friends who don’t have TikTok accounts would love it too? TikTok makes it very easy to save TikTok videos from the app, so if you want to keep your TikToks to hand then read on to find out how to save a TikTok video.

What is a TikTok video?

You’re bound to have seen a TikTok video at some point even if you don’t have TikTok. Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts have become a second home for TikTok videos, another showcase of what to do with videos you can save from TikTok. They’re short, entertaining, educational, and infinitely scrolling through content has become a go-to reflexive action for people when given a few minutes of spare time. Some TikTok videos are born to be shared or remixed, and it’s easy to do that when you save it.

How to save a TikTok video

It’s easy to save a TikTok video from the mobile app in just a few taps. First, open up TikTok and when you find the video you want to save:

  1. Tap on the white “Share” arrow on the right side of the screen.
  2. Tap “Save Video” in the menu that appears.

That’s all there is to it. The video will download to your phone’s storage where you can then send it on to other people, email it, or import it into video editing software and remix it.

With editing software like Pinnacle Studio, you can have full control over creating your own videos. Although there is a remix option built into the TikTok app, if you’re working on something specific like a montage or highlights reel, it will be easier to work in professional video editing software. Saving a video means you can then drop it into Pinnacle Studio and trim it, extract parts of it, add animated text and music, and overlay color filters. The creative possibilities are endless.

But sometimes you might find the “Save” button just isn’t there.

Why can’t I save a TikTok video?

TikTok gives users the option to protect their videos from being saved. This can be done for many reasons. Maybe the user doesn’t want their content shared online without their permission. Or maybe their TikTok is only meant for friends and they want to keep it in one place for privacy. If a user decides to protect their TikTok videos from being saved, you won’t be able to download it no matter how much you wish you could.

Save your favorite videos to keep them forever

Although it’s easy to share TikTok videos from the app, sometimes you might want to download a video in its entirety. This is useful for when you want to keep it in case the post is deleted, share it with friends on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, or remix it in your own creation using video editing software like Pinnacle Studio. To save a video, simply tap on a video and click “Save.” If the option isn’t there, it’s because the account holder has decided to protect their TikTok videos from being saved for privacy reasons, in which case you won’t be able to save it.

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