How to Make a TikTok Video: The Ultimate Guide

TikTok is taking the world by storm, leaving its competitors, like YouTube and Instagram, in the dust. Those platforms are trying to compete by introducing YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, but TikTok is still where it’s all happening so it’s only natural that you want to get involved. But what makes a good video and how do you create one?

What is a TikTok video?

A TikTok video is a fast-paced mobile video for TikTok, famous for its addictive bitesize videos. It started life with videos of only a few seconds, but is now experimenting with videos up to 10 minutes long. TikTok videos are quick, snappy, and entertaining, designed for a quick hit of fun before moving on to the next one. The popularity and simplicity of TikTok means that anyone can create successful videos, and all you need is two simple things.

What you need to make a TikTok video

First things first, you’ll need a camera. TikTok is a mobile-first video platform, so naturally any modern smartphone with a camera will be absolutely fine for this. Go out and shoot your content with whatever camera you decide to use, capturing lots of versions of your footage so you have some options to choose from in the edit.

Next, you’ll need some video editing software. There’s a wide range of software available from basic free apps to high-end professional video editing suites. You’ll need something which gives you a full range of capabilities like cutting and trimming clips, adding text, transitions, color grading, and motion graphics. Pinnacle Studio gives you all this and more, making it a perfect place to start when it comes to editing your own TikTok videos.

Use Pinnacle Studio to edit your videos

Pinnacle Studio is the hub where everything happens, where the video becomes a video. Once you have shot your footage and saved it on to your computer, bring it into Pinnacle Studio and lay it onto the timeline. This is where the fun begins.

Pinnacle Studio equips users with a wide range of tools to make truly creative videos. As well as simple cuts and edits needed to trim mistakes and bring the footage together, there is also a suite of pre-made transitions to bring your edits to life. Add music and experiment with the edit so that it fits perfectly, and incorporate animated text using motion graphics templates to create engaging, creative on-screen captions. Finally, use a full suite of color grading tools to give your footage the look and feel you want — a warm, welcoming and friendly look or the cool, dark feel of an action thriller. The choice is yours and only you will know what feels right for the kind of content you’re creating.

Planning is key

Making a TikTok video might look like a walk in the park, but once you dive into it yourself you’ll see there’s a lot more that goes into it than you might have first thought. The key to making a successful TikTok video is planning, and making sure you have a clear vision for the story you want to tell and how you want to tell it. Once you have planned it and shot it with your smartphone, it’s time to edit. Pinnacle Studio is a powerful, accessible tool for editing TikTok videos that gives you a full range of tools like cutting, trimming, adding music, text and transitions, and color grading. This is where you can be as creative as you want and put your stamp on whatever makes your TikTok video your own.

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