Videos are a big deal. The internet basically runs on them. But if you're just as interested in making them as you are in consuming them, you know that making a video isn't just about pressing the record button.

If you're making them for ads , the world holds you to a higher standard. People have millions of options and a very short attention span.  You've got to bank on more than being creative and a natural storyteller. Plus, there is too much software out there. How do you know which ones make the cut?

We're here to help you with tips on how to choose the best advertisement video maker software.  But first, let's define a video advertisement maker.

What is a video advertisement maker?

Video ads enable advertisers or businesses who want to advertise a service or product to connect with audiences and increase ad clicks on different platforms. A video advertisement maker is any tool that helps them to create these videos.

Choosing the best software to create video advertisements

There are some must-have features in every app that qualifies as an advertisement video making app including the following.

Easy to use UI

The first must-have feature of any ad maker should be an easy to use UI (user interface). This means that you won't struggle to find options on the application or to navigate. It should also have free options to help you try it out and decide whether it works for you enough to advance to paid features.

Some ad makers like Promo have different templates to differentiate business and casual ads. It also goes further to provide templates that are fit for certain industries, for example, hotel, legal, etc.

AI-driven software

The use of AI makes everything easier and much more efficient. When it comes to AI-driven video ad software, some features can make your video making process so much effortless and cleaner.

For example, auto-reframe feature will reframe the video subject you shoot on widescreen before you post them on social media that require square or vertical frame formats.

Computer vision algorithms can automatically match your scenes with the right background photos, graphics, and music. For instance, the Lumen 5 video ad software algorithms add upbeat music for sports-themed videos, or smoother music for a hotel scene.

Computer vision also helps with an image's focus and rightly places text so that it doesn't end up covering the images in the video.

AI-powered tools like Magisto AI Online Video Maker transform regular videos by picking out the best parts and adding effects and attributes to optimize them. The tool does all the editing too.

Pre-existing media library

If you're a beginner or simply don't have the time to look for media elsewhere before shooting your video, choosing software with a media library cuts your costs and efforts in half.

In other words, you can choose any image or video from the software's library then add your own designs, texts and other features with simple drag and drop actions.  The library also contains media you can use for your e-flyers or paper flyers and postcards. Canva is a free video ad maker software with these features.

Animation options

In case you want to put out an explainer video ad, you're competing with too many other explainer videos. You can cut through the noise with animation videos. Animation videos are great at breaking down complex ideas in an engaging way.

Animation software like Bannersnack can create smooth transitions, and offers more than the basic animations like blur, scale, slide and fade to incorporate  features like flip, roll, cross, etc.


Videos are highly tied to technological advancements. Each advancement is always geared to make them better. Keeping this top of mind will help you keep up with the video maker advancements that make your video production better.  At Pinnacle Studio, we always stay ahead of the pack with updates and additions that make your work easier and more engaging.

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