Whether you want to record an on-demand video, a Zoom meeting, a demonstration, or a webinar, a good screen recorder makes it easy to record your screen at any time. Using a high-quality computer screen recorder, you can record your full screen or a specific window, which you can then share with others.

To get the best results from your screen recording, you will need to find the right software to record your computer screen and, if needed, audio.

What is screen recording software?

Screen recording software is a type of computer program that can record your entire screen or a designated area. Some software will also enable you to record audio with your video. Screen recordings are also often referred to as video screen captures or screencasts. Screen recording is great for business leaders and developers who need to develop and share video demonstrations, teachers who need to share class lectures with students who are unable to attend class, students who need to perform online presentations, employers training new employees, and many other amateur and professional users.

You can also use screen recording software for personal use, whether you want to record your favorite videos on YouTube or exciting gaming moments that might otherwise be lost in time.

How to choose screen recording software

If you want to find the right screen video recorder for your computer, there are certain aspects to keep in mind as you conduct your search. These include:

The price of the software

While you may want to look for the best screen recorder, you also need to consider pricing based on your available budget. Think about how frequently you intend to use the software. Will you need it frequently, and will you require a variety of features? You may need more features than free software can provide.

Online vs. offline applications

Some screen recording software will be available in the form of software that you need to download to your computer. Other types of online screen recorders are browser-based, allowing you to record through your web browser and an extension. If you plan on recording your screen offline at any point, screen recording software is often best. On the other hand, if you are unable to install new software on your computer for any reason, online screen recorders may be able to give you the results you want.

Recording video and audio

Also, you will need to consider whether you want to record audio along with your screen. While you can use separate audio recording software to record input from a microphone or another device, some screen recording software includes audio recording features that keep both video and audio together. This type of software is particularly helpful if you want to perform detailed demonstrations or give lectures that require plenty of narration. In many cases, you may also want to record the audio component of on-demand videos.

Other features

Depending on what you intend to use the screen recording software for, you may also want access to additional features that go beyond simply recording. For example, software like Pinnacle Studio allows you to capture video from multiple cameras in addition to your screen, automatically synchronizing the footage in the process. Pinnacle Studio also enables users to preview their screen recordings and cameras, with the ability to adjust camera images to their liking.


With the best screen recording software, you'll be able to easily capture your computer screen or even additional cameras. Regardless of the specific use you have in mind; versatile software will be able to provide consistently top-quality results. Learn more about how Pinnacle Studio can serve as your capture hub.

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