When you decide to record what's happening on your screen, chances are, you will want to go back later and listen to the content presented as well as watching it. You may want to capture the sound that accompanies the images directly on your screen--the content from a webinar, the ambient sounds, or dialogue from a game--or you might want to add in your own voiceover content.

Starting with the right software and hardware is the best way to make sure you know how to screen record with sound and are prepared for the process.

How to Screen Record with Sound

Are you ready to start screen recording, including the sound you want to add to your content? Make sure you're prepared with these key strategies.

1. Make sure you have effective screen recording software.

Take a look at your screen recording software. Some free screen recording software may not include the sound recording quality you need. Test your software ahead of time to make sure that it gives you consistent sound and that it allows you the option for both voiceover and ambient sound recording.

2. Evaluate your microphone.

Do you plan to add voiceover to your recording? Take a look at your microphone to make sure that you're fully prepared to record the sound of your voice over your existing screen recording. You will want a microphone that picks up the sound of your voice clearly, with little distortion. Check to make sure your microphone does not pick up a high quantity of other ambient sounds in the room, especially if you need to record sound in a busy environment.

3. Check your camera, if needed.

Many people want to include their own image along with a screen-recorded video. You might, for example, want to include your image in the corner or even over the top of your screen-recorded content, especially if you plan to offer extensive voiceover commentary. Check your camera to make sure that it has the quality you need. If your device's camera doesn't offer the quality recording you want for your video, you may want to use an external camera.

How to Choose Software That Allows Screen Recording with Sound

Pinnacle Studio is high-quality software that will allow you to record content on your PC. Whether you're looking for software that will allow you to record what's taking place on your screen with the sound already accompanying that content, or you want to add audio content to the recording after the fact. In choosing screen recording software, you will want to check for several key factors:

  • Does the software allow you to record sound along with visual content? Always check this feature before you start screen recording since you cannot go back and add the sound from the recording later.
  • Does the software allow you to add voiceover content or record your own sounds alongside the existing content?
  • Does the software allow for effective editing and other features, which can help make your video look its best?

Check the features offered in your software and go through a basic tutorial to make sure you understand how to use them before beginning your project.


Screen recording with sound, whether you record the existing sound in the video or add your own content as you prepare your video for the consumption of others, can help add a high degree of quality and allow you to get the effect you want from your video. Learn more about our screen recording software options, or buy it and get started on your project now.

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