With so many options available, it can be difficult to find the best music video camera for your project. However, certain options are better for shooting music videos in particular. Depending on what you're looking for, the following are some ways to find the best camera for music videos.

Is there a "best" camera for music videos?

The definition of the best camera to shoot music videos will differ based on the specific type of video you want to shoot and the features you want in the ideal camera. Generally, a good camera for music videos will be both easy to use and small enough to easily carry around the set. Often, stabilization is a key feature that can help keep the filming process smooth, along with color, on-camera lighting, settings, and other features.

Choose a video camera for music videos

When selecting a camera to shoot music videos, there are certain factors to consider as you make your selection based on your specific needs. Your first instinct might be to go for the best 4K camera for music videos to guarantee top quality, but many aspects can help narrow down your choices.

The Lens

For many filmmakers, the lens is the most important aspect of the camera, and they're often the most expensive part. Lenses impact the picture's quality more than the camera itself, so you want to find the right lens to provide consistent quality. Certain lenses also require specific mounts, such as PL mounts, which would require a camera with the corresponding mount. Consider which types of lenses you want, including zoom lenses, which could help determine which camera to select.

The Resolution

The image resolution is key, so it's essential to consider which resolution your camera will record before buying. 4K quality is the industry standard today, and you won't get the same resolution as 4K by simply "enhancing" HD or 2K recordings. If you want the best resolution, you can't take shortcuts and will need a camera that's capable of recording in 4K. However, you may not need that level of quality, particularly if your video isn't headed for a more professional platform.

The Video Codec

When it comes to editing your videos, you need to consider the codec. Your codec will need to be compatible with your editing software, or you may be stuck with unedited footage once you're done shooting. Cameras that film raw footage will use RAW codecs, which consume large amounts of hard drive space compared to other codecs like Apple ProRes. If you want to make sure your data is easy to manage once you're done filming, factor in the codec when deciding on a camera.

The Size

The camera's overall size will also matter, depending on where and how you'll be shooting and whether you'll use mounting or manually operating the camera. Something compact and lightweight could provide more mobility, but the camera's weight and size will largely depend on the lens. If you plan on doing many mobile shots on the go or in tight spaces, even a smartphone could serve its purpose as an effective yet cheap camera for music videos.


As you decide on the right camera for your music video, there are plenty of choices available, with wide ranges in both quality and cost. Once you've selected the ideal camera, you should also make sure you have a good music video maker to help you edit your projects. Pinnacle Studio gives you everything you need during post-production.

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