One of the best ways to promote a band or a filmmaker's skills is to produce a music video. However, if you're new to the process and aren't sure how to approach your first video, you might be asking, "how do you make a music video?" There are plenty of ways to go about producing a music video.

Here we'll go over what a music video entails and what you'll need to produce a top-quality video.

What is a music video?

A music video is a video that features a musician or band's latest song in an attempt to promote it and provide a visual component to complement the music. A new band might want to produce a music video to showcase a new single, or a filmmaker may want to produce one to highlight both filmmaking and musical talent together. Your music video could feature a band simply performing on a set, or it could construct a narrative around the music with actors and stylistic visual elements.

Regardless of what you want to achieve with your next music video, there are certain tools you'll need and steps to take to get the most from the production.

How to make a music video

Whether you want to know how to make a music video for YouTube or a TV station, some of the same rules will apply if you want to make sure your production is of the highest quality. Consider the following as you make your music video:

Get the team together

Once you've chosen a specific song to make the center of your video, you need to get a team together to make your music video a reality. Your team may include one or more camera operators, a lighting person for indoor shots, a director, actors, and the band members or musicians behind the music.

Ensure everyone can work on the same schedule and that everyone's on the same page creatively to give the video a clear direction.

Gather your equipment

With the team figured out, you can choose the right equipment based on what the video calls for. Some equipment to consider includes cameras, lighting, and even green screens if you want to add effects.

Plan the production

Before actually shooting the music video, make sure you and your team know how to approach the shoot. You can choreograph the performance if the musicians are featured, create storyboards that illustrate different shots, and decide on the lighting situation you want to set up.

Film multiple takes

When filming your videos, be sure to film several takes for important shots, which will give you plenty of footage to work with during the editing process. While you shouldn't exhaust actors or other people involved, it's always better to have too much footage than not enough.

Make sure the sound is right

When editing the video, make sure the audio is of the right quality and that it's properly synced with the video, as the video is a carrier for the song and not the other way around.

What you need to make a music video

To make sure your production goes smoothly, it's also important to make sure you have everything you need to produce your video. With this in mind, you might be wondering, "How much does it cost to make a music video?" The fact is that you don't need to spend too much to put together a top-quality video with the right strategy. The following are some items to consider when gathering your equipment, to which your team may already have access.

Music video maker

A music video maker is a type of video editing software that can help you edit your footage to create the perfect video. Using a reliable music video maker, you can trim footage and sync it with your music, add visual effects, and make smooth transitions, with the ability to export or share videos at the highest quality level.

Music video camera

A good video camera is everything when filming a music video. If the footage is bad because of a low-quality camera, this could compromise the entire video. Make sure you choose a camera with the right lenses, quality, and set up to make each shot as good as it can get. Keep in mind that renting a camera for a single shooting day can be far less expensive than purchasing your own.

Proper lighting

You should never underestimate the importance of good lighting for a music video. You can use lighting equipment and a crew to help achieve the perfect balance, or you can use natural daylight to help save money and make your video appear more organic. Whichever setup you choose, lighting can be the key to setting the right tone for your video, making or breaking it in the process.


Whether you want to know how to make a music video at home, outdoors, or on a professional set, all of these aspects matter as you approach the planning, filming, and editing processes. With the right team, equipment, and editing tools behind your video, you can get the best possible results with your next project. Pinnacle Studio gives you everything you need to make a music video.

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