There are many filming tricks you can perform with a GoPro camera. One of the most fun uses for these cameras is to create a GoPro time-lapse video. These videos are a great way to show the passage of time in your videos and make your videos look more professionally produced. Using your GoPro to create a time-lapse video is easy if you know how to film at the right intervals and combine the footage.

Depending on your preferred method of filming and the type of GoPro camera you have, there are several ways to go about creating a time-lapse video with your GoPro.

What is a GoPro time-lapse?

A GoPro time-lapse video is a type of GoPro video that creates the illusion that time is passing by at a very fast rate. If you want to know how to create time-lapse video with a GoPro, there are a few methods you can use. Using photos, GoPro time-lapse video interval options of 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds. However, you may also be able to simply speed up your videos in post-production or, if you're using a 4K GoPro Hero4 Silver or Black, you can use a native 4K time-lapse feature. When done right, a time-lapse video can make time fly in a unique visual manner, whether you want to simply illustrate the passage of time in a particular context or highlight the beautiful transition of a picturesque landscape from dawn to dusk.

How to create a time-lapse video using a GoPro

If you want to learn how to make GoPro time-lapse into video, you can use one of three techniques. However, before getting into the different methods, there are some steps to take before taking photos or filming footage.

Start by setting up the shot

Even if you have the technique down, your time-lapse video won't give you the results you want unless the shot is right. Begin by framing the shot well. Check the initial footage and image and see how it looks in terms of both framing and exposure. To stabilize the shot and ensure the angle is consistent when taking time-lapse photos, you may also want to use a tripod or another type of secure mounting, such as a GorillaPod that allows you to fasten the GoPro to a pole or another stable attachment.

Additionally, use a memory card that's both quick and large, which will help produce a large volume of high-quality photos in rapid succession.

Once you've set up the shot and your camera is mounted and well-equipped with a suitable memory card, you can film your time-lapse video using one of the following methods:

  • Photos — You can take pictures in intervals of 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds. Simply select "Multi-Shot" on your camera, manipulate the settings based on the preferred interval time, resolution, and image size, among other settings.
  • Video — Select "Video" on your camera, change the "Settings" depending on the frame rate, resolution, field of view (FOV) light conditions, and other aspects, and begin recording.
  • 4K Time-Lapse — For GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver cameras, you can actually use the included time-lapse feature. To use this, choose "Video" on your camera, choose "Settings," and select "T Lapse Vid," and change the settings, including image size and interval time. You can then begin recording a video specifically intended for time-lapse.

Once you've taken your time-lapse photos or videos, you can then import them into video editing software to turn them into time-lapse videos. Using a high-quality video editor, you can combine all of your images and blend them into a time-lapse video using various features. If you used the video method, you can import the footage into your editor and speed it up to create a time-lapse video. On the other hand, using the 4K Time-Lapse option, you can bypass these steps and simply edit the footage in your editor with additional effects, titles, music, and more. If you want to know how to slow down a GoPro time-lapse video, video editing software with slow motion features can help you reduce the speed of your videos.


In addition to a reliable GoPro camera, you will need equally reliable video editing software to help you put your GoPro time-lapse videos together. Pinnacle Studio is a feature-rich software that can give you everything you need to create the perfect time-lapse video. Using Pinnacle Studio, you can also add various transitions, effects, titles, and more seamlessly blend frames. To find out more about how Pinnacle Studio can help you create your next GoPro time-lapse video, check out our feature page.

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