You can use GoPro cameras to film 360-degree videos using a series of shots, which can create an awe-inspiring panoramic video. If you want to shoot and edit a GoPro 360 video, there are some techniques and editing tools you can use to put these together.

GoPro cameras don't have a specific feature to shoot 360-degree videos, but there are some steps you can take to produce a high-quality panoramic video that looks seamless and impressive. Here we'll review the process of shooting and editing GoPro 360 video footage.

How to shoot 360 video on a GoPro

To produce a GoPro 360 panorama video, there are some specific steps to take as you prepare for your shoot.

Prepare your GoPro and other equipment

If you want to know how to create a 360 video with GoPro cameras, the first step you need to take is to gather and prepare the equipment needed to shoot these videos. You can shoot a 360-degree video using a single camera, but this can be challenging as you need to capture many angles. To get the best results, you should use multiple cameras that film simultaneously, which creates a consistent shot across all angles and captures the same moment. You may need to use as many as six to 14 GoPros, along with a custom-built GoPro rig to mount them and place each camera at a different angle.

Make sure you have enough power

Another important step to take is to make sure you have enough power to keep your cameras sufficiently powered throughout the entire shoot. Otherwise, one or more camera batteries could die, forcing you to recharge them or change them out and set up the scene again.

Set up the rig

Before shooting a 360 video with GoPro, you'll want to make sure the rig is set up properly to create a seamless, simultaneous shot using all of your cameras. Cameras should be flush with the horizon, and the area or specific subjects you're filming should be within clear view of your cameras. Otherwise, you may wind up filming an action sequence that slips between two or more cameras, which can provide a challenge during the editing process when creating a single cohesive shot.

How to edit 360 GoPro video

Once you're finished shooting, you'll need to know how to edit GoPro Fusion 360 video or 360-degree footage using another type of GoPro. To start, make sure you have the right software and hardware to get the job done, including a powerful editing computer and editing software that's capable of working with multiple cameras.

With the right equipment, you can take the following steps to edit your GoPro 360 video.

Import the videos to your computer and label them appropriately

Once you've completed shooting, you can begin uploading the footage from your cameras to your computer. Once uploaded, label all files based on the cameras that shot the corresponding footage, which will help keep track of the footage when editing.

Use a GoPro 360 video editor to create your video

After importing your videos to your computer and labeling them, import them into your video editor. There are many types of video editors out there for you to use to create a panoramic video. The right software will make it easy to connect the different shots using a feature intended for producing 360-degree videos. After you've put your videos together, you can export the completed file and view your video on compatible devices. 360-degree videos are viewable on most smartphones, along with virtual reality headsets.


There are probably better options out there for filming 360 videos, but when filmed and edited properly, GoPro 360 videos can engage and wow viewers, but you need the right software to splice the footage together. Using Pinnacle Studio, you can easily combine footage from multiple GoPro cameras to create a seamless and high-quality 360-degree video. To Learn more about what makes Pinnacle Studio a reliable GoPro 360 video editor and much more, check out our features page.

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