The Best Video Editing Software for YouTube: The Ultimate Guide

So you’re thinking about making YouTube videos. Great! If you’ve gotten as far as thinking about video editing software then you must have a pretty good idea of why you want to set out on this journey. But what exactly is video editing software, and what kind of features do you need to look out for?

Why you should make YouTube videos

YouTube is still going strong as a popular video sharing platform, even as the world is gripped by TikTok videos and Instagram Reels. YouTube has a totally different vibe, and even if you don’t plan on building a channel it’s still easy to embed videos on a website which makes it a great platform for brand films and adverts.

But even in the age of TikTok there is still a big market for creating high-quality, informative YouTube videos. There’s an audience on YouTube for every kind of niche interest, whether you're an expert in video gaming, needlework, or nature conservation, so it’s perfect for building a dedicated following. It’s possible to make a good living from YouTube if your channel really takes off, but even if you aren’t financially driven, it’s great to build a community and share your passions with people who are interested.

When creating your videos you’ll want to use video editing software that works for you, so it’s important to check out the available features and consider the kind of content you’ll be making.

What to look for when choosing editing software

Choosing editing software is all about finding what works for you, which means thinking about what videos you will make. For the most part, if you are making mini documentaries or vlogs, you will need something that covers all the fundamentals of filmmaking post-production.

First, can you edit videos? That seems straightforward, but some software is tailored more towards animation and motion graphics. When making YouTube videos you’ll want something that prioritizes editing video footage. That means trimming clips, moving them around, splicing them, and adding transitions between them.

On top of that, look for something that has good audio mixing functions. Something that lets you layer audio tracks, adjust levels and add audio filters, add music, and customize how something sounds is just as important as editing the visuals.

Once you’ve got the fundamentals down, consider features like color grading and animated text. Color grading will step up the quality of your footage to the next level, making something feel premium and cinematic. Animated text is perfect for subtitles, main titles, and chapter markers which makes your videos feel polished and gives it a consistent look and feel.

Finally, what’s your budget? You can spend a lot on video editing software, or you can spend nothing, so your prefered option may come down to how much you want to spend.

Use Pinnacle Studio to edit your videos

Pinnacle Studio includes all of the features mentioned above, and caters for both hobbyist filmmakers and professionals. From editing short vlogs to complex documentaries, Pinnacle Studio is an excellent choice of video editing software for YouTube with its versatile tools for editing, sound mixing, adding color filters and graphics.

High-quality video editing software creates possibilities

A bad worker never blames their tools, but the video editing software you use makes a huge difference to the output of your videos. The best editing software for YouTube is something that includes all the basics of editing but also sound mixing, color grading, and adding motion graphics. Pinnacle Studio is a powerful tool for both consumers and professionals that will help you unlock your true potential for creating YouTube videos.

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