When it comes to making videos, it does not matter if you are a professional or enjoy it as a hobby. It would help if you remembered that the light you use is essential for your final product's outcome.

Sure, you can try to wait to shoot a video when the lighting is perfect. But in most situations, unless you have a lighting kit, the process of locating the ideal lighting will be a significant inconvenience.

Unfortunately, many people avoid buying these lighting kits because they can be quite expensive. Well, we are here to help solve this problem. In this post, we will show you how to create your lighting kit and not only save money but ensure you get flawless lighting for your videos.

What is in a lighting kit?

A lighting kit is a wide range of lighting equipment that a photographer or a videographer can choose from. Typically, these lighting kits consist of light stands, single headlight holders, CFL daylight bulbs, softboxes, white umbrellas, backdrops, a support system, and a carry bag.

Building an inexpensive video lighting kit

Many people tend to think that to have a proper lighting kit, they need to spend hundreds of dollars on one. However, with a little ingenuity, you can create an entire lighting kit with items found at your local hardware store.

Before starting, it is vital to remember that your lighting kit's effectiveness will depend on the quality of your bulbs. That is why you will want to make sure you purchase a daylight-balanced bulb with a high color rendering index or CRI. This will allow you to produce the most flattering light with the highest quality. Also, you want to make sure your bulbs are dimmable, especially if you plan to use a dimmer.

The other materials you will need to purchase:

  • 3 Clamp Lights
  • 3 Spring Clips
  • 3 LED Daylight Bulbs (try to find different wattage options, so you have more flexibility)
  • 1 Package of Clothespins
  • 3 Extension Cords that are 12 feet each
  • 1 Shower Curtain- Medium Gauge
  • 1 Photography Stand
  • 1 Dimmer

Putting it All Together

  • You will begin by clipping the clamp lights to the top of your photography stand. Be careful when using the built-in clamps, as these clips are not very strong. However, you can reinforce the security by using your spring clips.
  • Next, take the shower curtain and cut out two 12 inch squares. Using your clothespins, attach these squares to the front of your lights. This will allow you to create a softer glow, also called "light diffusion."
  • When setting up, you will want to make sure you put the key lights slightly above your subject's eye-line and about three to four feet apart from each other. The light that is facing the background will create a contrast and help hide your subject's shadow.
  • Finally, plug your dimmer into the two lights pointing at your subject and adjust the amount of light that hits them.
  • You are now ready to film.

As you are setting up your lighting equipment, you must determine the lighting setup's primary intention. Remember, lighting has various purposes and can be used inside the studio, outdoors, or commercial lighting. Plus, when you are shooting videos, you need to make sure you have a steady light to capture your subject instead of flash lighting that many photos require.


Creating videos can be an exciting process no matter your expertise level. However, if you are looking for additional video tips, tricks, or tutorials, then check out Pinnacle Studio for the support you need.

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