After you've filmed the perfect clip or series of footage, you may be wondering, "How do I edit videos on Windows 10?" If you're working with this operating system, there are a few options available to help you put together the perfect video project. In this blog post, we'll review how to edit videos on Windows and advise you on the best software to use for completing your next project.

Does Windows have a built-in video editor?

You might be curious to know if you can edit videos on Windows 10 using a built-in editor. The fact is that, yes, there is a built-in video editor that you can use in Windows 10. However, as a native video editor that's free to use, the editing features are limited and may not enable you to extensively edit your videos to your liking. While the Windows Video Editor will allow you to add music, motion, text, and 3D effects to your videos, you'll need to turn to better software for more versatility.

What video editor should I use for Windows 10?

When selecting a video editor for Windows 10, there are several key factors that you should consider. A few main aspects to look for in the ideal Windows 10 video editing software include:

Versatility of features

You shouldn't be able to merely cut and trim your videos with video editing software. A good editor will come with a full suite of features such as transitions and other visual effects, color grading, audio editing, and other capabilities. The more features your editor includes, the more control you'll have over the final production.

Ease of use

Your video editing software should also be easy to use and intuitive, allowing you to easily navigate the various features and your timeline. Try to find a video editor that's easy to learn and develop proficiency around. The last thing you want is to be stuck with software that takes you weeks or even months to get used to before you can even begin editing your videos.

Pricing within your budget

Consider what you're willing to spend on a video editor. Depending on what you want to do with your videos and the kind of quality you want them to feature, you may need to spend more on high-quality video editing software. Keep in mind that many video editors will offer multiple versions, so you may want to start with the most basic version. If you enjoy using the software and find that your needs change over time, you can then upgrade to a more premium version.

Taking these factors into consideration can help you find the right software that meets your editing needs.

How to edit videos on Windows 10

If you're searching for one of the best options available for video editing, Pinnacle Studio comes with many features that can help you edit videos on Windows 10 and other platforms. You can use this software to easily and comprehensively edit any type of video, with a wide range of tools that give you complete control over your production.

Using Pinnacle Studio, you can simply import your videos on Windows 10 and use basic to advanced editing features to create the perfect video. Some of the features you'll get with this video editing suite include trimming, splitting, cropping, and rotating capabilities, along with the ability to add titles, graphics, and overlays. Additionally, you can add music and other audio, create templates, or add filters and effects. Color grading, video masking, and even more features can help you produce a professional-looking video.


While there are many video editing tools available for Windows 10, Pinnacle Studio is one of the best options available for filmmakers, whether you're a novice or a veteran. If you want to find out more about Pinnacle Studio's features and capabilities, contact us today.

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