So, you volunteered to film the year-end party at your house, but the content isn't quite what you wanted. There's too much fluff, but you can't delete the entire video. It would be such a waste. Well, you can correct some of that –especially if you recorded the video on an Android device.

Whether you're recording parties or something a little more serious, like business video ads or influencer videos for your YouTube, you need a guarantee that editing it will not interfere with the quality.

However, that's not what you always get when editing a video from your phone. Worse, you'll likely end up with a clip that looks like the scenes were cut off too soon or too late.

In this article, you'll learn why you need better editing techniques than editing on Android. But first, let's look at the typical editing and trimming steps to follow on Android.

How to Trim a Video on Android

With the Google Photos app, you can trim or cut any video you captured on your Android device's camera. To trim your video using the Google Photos App, follow the following steps.

  • Open the Google Photos App
  • Open the video you want to trim
  • Tap the screen on the edges of the app to access the editing options
  • Click on the Edit icon (represented by three horizontal lines that appear on the middle-lower part of the screen with white vertical lines cutting across them 
  • The video will display edit handles on each opposite side of your screen. Click on any of them and drag them inward to trim to whichever point you'd like.
  • Save the trimmed video by clicking on the top right corner of your video

How to Edit Videos on Android

Unlike trimming a video, you need secondary apps to edit your videos on Android. Some are free, while others are paid. However, all follow pretty much the same format. So, for example, for most apps, the steps below will be fairly similar.

  • Open the app
  • Click on the plus sign to choose a new project
  • Select your video footage from your gallery
  • Click apply. It will open up the main editing interface. You can choose any size you want, from widescreen to other sizes fit for different social media apps
  • The bottom part involves all the tools you need to cut, trim or reorder your video sections.
  • Pinch to zoom in and out of the video to use finer details.
  • Use white indicators to choose the bad sections or the sections you don't want.
  • Use the scissors icon to cut out the bad sections
  • You can drag the cut sections to reorder them, then click the tick button to save the final product.

Android video editing apps also have an add music option. Here's how to add music on Android

  • Click on the music option
  • Select tracks and effects. These are predefined music from different artists that you can choose from.
  • You can choose to have effect sounds instead of music
  • Scroll the seek bar to choose where the song begins and ends
  • You can adjust the volume on the original music tab that's typically at the bottom on most apps
  • Click on the top right to save.

If you're wondering how to combine videos on Android, select one from your gallery, click on the edit button, and simply click on add. To add more videos, tap on the add icon again.

Why you May Want Something More

If you want more views on your video, you may want to go further than editing on Android. With Pinnacle Studio, you'll be working with top-of-the-range effects like stop motion video, multi-cam editing function, motion tracking, 360 VR function, animated GIF creation, clip nesting, color LUT, color vectorscopes, batch processing, and top rendering speed.

Pinnacle Studio comes with tracking masks with keyframes, face motion tracking with mosaic blur, a new title editor, and improved keyframe controls- much more efficient.

You have three paid options Studio for the entry-level package, Plus as the intermediate choice, and all the best perks under the Ultimate category.

You also get to author your video content in different formats such as Video CD, DVD-Video, AVCHD, or Blu-ray, and include more menus and burn them to disc.


"Cheap is expensive" may be cliché, but it still applies to creating engaging and high-quality videos. After all, the modern audience dislikes mediocre content online or offline. You're better off sticking to a modern, cutting-edge video-making tool like Pinnacle Studio and editing your video on a PC.