Of all the cell phones in the world, about 73% run on Android.  Since just about every phone has a built-in camera and decent screen resolution, this has created a demand for Android video editors.

What is an Android video editor?

An Android video editor gives you the ability to edit your videos directly on your phone without needing to do any file transfers.  You can trim and rearrange clips so they can go directly to YouTube, TikTok, or other social media platforms of your choice.

How to choose the best video editing app for Android

The most important thing for selecting a video editing app for Android is that it is free or at least very cheap. Given that phones don't have the same computing power as PCs, mobile video editors will be very watered down. Given that these editors won't be as powerful as their PC counterparts, you shouldn't pay top dollar for them. That said, here are some things to look for when choosing an Android video editor.

Features - Make sure that the app can do what you need it to. Most apps offer features like the ability to trim and cut footage, as well as adding text. But if you need more features, make sure that the app has them. 

Ease-of-use - Most video editing apps will get simple jobs done, but how hard it is to get that job done may vary. Make sure to try out a couple of apps to see how well they work. You don't want to spend a few hours editing a video on a bad app if you could do the same job in 20 minutes on a better one.

Price - While there are many free editing apps out there, you can also choose to pay for apps that have more features. Be careful here though, just because you are being charged for something doesn't mean it is the best there is. So make sure to read reviews before shelling over any money.

While these are some of the things to consider, it is important to note that there are serious limitations to video editing on a smartphone. No mouse and no keyboard mean no precision. Additionally, there is not an Android video editor that offers multi-camera editing.  Editing on a cellphone would be like trying to paint in a dark room.

Why you should edit on desktop

You can probably make a rough cut just fine on these apps if the raw video is short enough, but it's pretty much impossible to get a professional cut. To separate yourself from the rest of the pack, we recommend editing on a desktop with real video editing software. One such software is Pinnacle Studio. With Pinnacle Studio, you can edit across multiple tracks, use multi-camera editing, add keyframe controls and the all-important color grading tools. Color grading on cellphones is pretty much impossible due to their limited graphic capabilities, and the proper color makes a huge difference in terms of quality.  Pinnacle Studio has three different versions, all loaded with features to make your videos better than ever.