Virtual reality video, also commonly referred to as 360 video, is intended to provide the viewer with a fully immersive, interactive experience. While this is wonderful in many circumstances, not all devices provide a way to view VR videos easily and with all of the features it was intended to have. There are times when it is simpler to reach a wider audience with a normal video.

What Is a VR Video Converter?

A VR video converter is included in professional video editing software, such as Pinnacle Studio. The tools to convert the video are built into the software so that you can simply import the video, choose your options, and let us do the rest.

Why Convert VR Video to Normal Video?

The main difference between 360 video and normal video is the type of cameras used. VR uses a special type of camera known as omnidirectional cameras that can film in every direction at once. The problem is, in order to view the video the way it was intended, the viewer needs a VR headset. The headset is equipped with special sensors that track the viewer's head and eye movements, creating an interactive experience. Some of the reasons you should convert a 360 video to a normal video include:

  • Allowing your viewers the option of viewing the video on a mobile device or without the use of VR equipment.
  • Providing a companion piece to your VR video so that viewers have a choice between formats.
  • Provide a higher quality video. In some circumstances, the clarity a simple, standard video is far more important than the cool and trendy features that VR provides. As long as your VR video was shot in high enough resolution, you should have no problem achieving a crisp 2D video image.
  • How to Convert VR Video to Normal Video

    Because the VR video uses omnidirectional cameras to film the scene, a major decision to be made when converting your VR video to 2D format is where you want your camera angle to be. To convert VR video to normal video using Pinnacle Studio, you will first need to install the software onto your PC. From there, you will proceed to the following steps.

    • Import your 360 video to the library, so it can be selected and dragged to your timeline.
    • Choose from the following options: Equirectangular to standard, single fisheye to standard, or double fisheye to standard. You will be able to preview both the imported video and a preview of the option you selected through a dual-panel preview mode.
    • Use the 360 source pane to adjust your view tracker. Your preview pane will let you see the adjustments as you make them. Click play to start your video playback and adjust the angle of your view at any time by dragging the view adjuster to a new position.
    • Add any additional edits you desire in your video project and save your project when you are done. Click export, select your preferred options, and start your export.

    Trust Pinnacle Studio for Your Video Editing Needs

    Pinnacle Studio makes video editing tasks such as converting 360 video to normal video simple with a full suite of tools to use. In addition to the drag and drop technology that allows you to complete your project with ease, you can also add graphics, creative overlays, and hundreds of other effects.

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