A 360-degree video is a recording that includes views from all directions, all shot simultaneously using an omnidirectional camera or a rig of multiple cameras. When using multiple cameras, you need special software to stitch all footage programmatically into a spherical video piece. 360 videos are more engaging than standard videos, encouraging viewers to explore.

What is a 360-degree video?

A 360-degree video is a recording that includes views from all directions, all shot simultaneously using an omnidirectional camera or a rig of multiple cameras. When using multiple cameras, you need special software to stitch all footage programmatically into a spherical video piece. 360 videos are more engaging than standard videos, encouraging viewers to explore.

These videos are sometimes used synonymously with VR, but there is a difference in how the two are viewed. To watch a VR video, you must have a VR headset. However, you can watch 360 videos on your computer or smartphone with or without a VR headset. When watching a 360 video you can easily control the viewing direction to your preferred perspective.

The appearance of 360 videos on mainstream venues such as YouTube and Facebook has skyrocketed, leading to an increased demand for video tools. The global market size for 360-degree cameras is expected to be around US$ 4.64 billion by 2030. So if you are looking to create experiential content for your brand, it is a perfect time to embrace 360-degree video production.

360 videos can benefit a diverse range of industries. Increasingly, digital marketers are using it to improve their engagement with the targeted audience. Viewers can be more immersed in a story by watching it from all perspectives. Companies that use this technology for marketing purposes have huge benefits when it comes to audience engagement since they make them feel part of the story.

360-degree video is more effective than a traditional video in its uses. For instance, if you are giving a tour of a building, the viewer can see all angles of it due to the 360 capture. Research comparing a 360-degree video to a regular video shows that the former is more effective. After filming two versions of the same ad with each video format, the 360-degree version had 28% more viewers than the standard version. Most of the viewers watched it to the end.

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Various methods for filming 360 videos

There are numerous types of 360-degree cameras in the market that come with different lenses. What distinguishes the best cameras is their ability to shoot high-quality omnidirectional videos that bring scenes to life. They use two fisheye lenses facing opposite directions, where each covers 180 degrees of the scene. Compatible software is then used to stitch the videos and pictures together to form a continuous panorama.

If you do not have an omnidirectional camera, you can synchronize a rig of multiple cameras such as GoPro to capture the 360 degrees. Here, all cameras are configured in one system, start recording simultaneously, and each creates its own file. Once the video is recorded, the footage from all cameras is stitched together to form a complete 360-degree video.

What to keep in mind when shooting in 360

If you are new to shooting 360-degree videos, the following tips will help you increase the quality of your videos.

Everything is in the view

The 360 camera captures everywhere and everything. So if you don't want to be visible in the video, you should attach your camera to an extension arm or a handy grip. Place it just above your head to be invisible on the lenses. Alternatively, you can opt for remote shooting, where you set the camera and use the optional ML-L6 remote to start and end the video recording.

Keep your camera stable

The stability of your camera when shooting a 360 video can affect its overall quality and the viewers' experience. You can use a tripod or a unipod to set your camera in a perfect position. Since it captures everything in 360 degrees, it is unnecessary to move it up and down. The viewers will do that when watching. If you must move the camera, ensure you do it smoothly and at a constant speed.

Ensure all the settings are the same

If you are using multiple cameras to shoot, it is vital to ensure similar settings for each camera. That way, it will be easy to edit your video, and there will be fewer corrections to make.

Ensure your camera and your line of sight are at the same level

The position of your camera plays a significant role in determining the user experience. If it is too low, the viewers might feel too short, and they will feel like giants if it is too high. The effect will be even more exaggerated when using a VR headset. That is why it is critical to keep the camera at the same level as your line of sight.

Prepare enough SD card and battery

When shooting long 360-degree videos, you should have enough storage and battery. If you are using a GoPro camera, you can buy battery packs to keep the camera charged throughout your shoot. You will also require extra SD cards for adequate storage space.

Basics for creating 360 videos

Creating 360 videos is quite different from the standard videos. If you are a beginner videographer enthusiast, you need to be familiar with the following fundamentals of creating 360-degree videos.

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Editing 360 videos

Creating top-quality 360 videos begins with taking perfect footage with your camera, but the final product is determined by how you edit it. Editing involves stitching all the raw individual video clips into a continuous video. The fundamentals of 360 video editing are similar to a standard video.

However, some editing programs won't be able to edit a 360 video. You will require specialist video editing software like Pinnacle Studio to make your work easier. With this software, you can refine your footage to your preference, including trimming and color enhancement.

360 tiny planet videos

Tiny planet effects are among the most famous editing techniques for 360 videos. The technique connects your footage's bottom edge to the center of the screen. This creates an exceptional illusion that you are on a miniature planet. You can use this effect to convert your 360-degree video into a stereographic "tiny planet."

Shooting a 360 video with a GoPro

Shooting 360 video with a GoPro camera is possible with multiple shots. Although there is no specific GoPro 360 video camera, you can create high-quality panoramic videos with multiple cameras. All you need is perfect filming and a GoPro 360 video editor. The filming and editing process is hassle-free as long as it is done properly. You will create an exciting and entertaining GoPro 360 panorama video with the right equipment and software.

Why you may want to convert 360 videos to standard videos

It is possible to convert 360 videos into standard videos using a video converter. Here are a few reasons why you may want to convert your videos.

  • Standard videos require much smaller storage than 360 videos
  • You can use a wide range of applications and devices to play standard videos compared to 360 videos
  • Sometimes you want to control what the viewers see in your 360-degree video footage. In such an event, you can convert it to standard video and choose a view with keyframe precision.
  • Sometimes, the clarity of a 360 video may not be appealing, so you may want to convert it to the standard form to increase its quality.

Converting 360 videos to VR

You might want to convert your videos to VR for a more immersive user experience. VR immerses viewers into a world where they feel part of the event. Besides, a VR experience is a more memorable, fascinating opportunity for brand marketing and entertainment.

The potential to reach a wider audience via VR is higher than in standard videos. You may also convert your video to VR if you have a headset and want a more engaging experience. A good 360 video to VR converter will help you do this.

What to know about uploading a 360 video to YouTube

After shooting and editing your 360 video, you will need to upload it on YouTube. This platform recommends filming with the highest possible resolution camera for the best results. The good news is that uploading a 360 video is similar to standard videos, so you do not need a special YouTube Channel. Here are essential tips to help you upload high-quality videos.

  • Use the right equipment: The equipment you use to create your YouTube 360 video and how you edit makes the difference. Invest in a quality 360-degree video editor to deliver the best content.
  • Specify that your video has 360 capabilities on your metadata: A metadata is a code that tells YouTube more about your video. If you fail to specify that it is a 360-degree video, it will try to upload it as a regular video, which may bring confusion. If your video lacks automatic metadata, you should inject it.
  • Keep your video unlisted when you upload: Doing this gives you a chance to test the final product before releasing it to your targeted audience.
  • Ensure that your file has 360 playback enabled: You can ensure this by watching the video on your laptop or desktop. If the playback is enabled, you will see a pan button in the top left of the screen. It is worth noting that the 360 playback may take up to one hour to be available.

What to look for when choosing a 360-degree video editor

A 360 video editor is a tool that helps you to refine your footage and deliver the story you want your audience to see. When choosing an editor, there several things that you need to consider. You must begin by defining your budget and editing needs. With this information, you will be in a good position to choose one that fits you.

Nonetheless, a good 360 VR video editor should have advanced editing capabilities that will leave your audience eager for your next upload. It should have options to add special effects, music, enhance color, and more.


Now that you know more about 360 videos, it is an excellent time to get the ball rolling on 360 video production. With no doubt, this is a rapidly growing technology worth investing in for an enhanced engagement with your viewers.

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