The popularity of videos has been skyrocketing over the years. From weddings to birthdays to business marketing, people use visual content to communicate in a visually attractive manner, hence the increased use of videos.

However, the process of creating videos from scratch is not always easy. Unless you need to hire a professional video editor, you can use a video template to create the most engaging videos for your needs. 

But what exactly are video templates, and why should you use them? Let's have a closer look for more information.

What are video templates?

Video templates are video frameworks which video creators use to customize the videos as per their preferences. The templates contain unique video features such as filters, 3D effects, 4D effects, video backgrounds, music, texts, sound effects, and much more.

The templates come in different forms, giving the video creators a wide choice of options for the videos. For instance, the Pinnacle Studio templates are the most popular, and they come with hundreds of animations and graphics, and effects which you can use to create compelling effects for your videos.

When you need to use the video template, you should first choose the ideal template from the library.  After opening it, you can then create a video and add the music, animations, and the other features that the template allows you to use.

How to get video templates

At this point, you are probably wondering where you can get the video templates from. Here are three options that you can rely on for your video templates:

Search online

Use Google to see the available options online. No website offers a comprehensive library for the templates, but you can review the few choices that pop up, which means that the search process may consume some time.

Also, some templates may not be of the best high quality. But this is not something to complain about considering that they are free to use.

Use the free video editing software

The second option to getting video templates is to use video editing software. Examples of free video editors include Apple iMovie, Windows Movie, etc. You can also download the free editors from your mobile device. The apps provide a free video template, but the features may be limited.

Use paid video editing software

Paid editing software is the best option if you need to create compelling videos for marketing purposes. These types of software require a subscription, but they come with a rich choice of features for you to choose the best. Examples include Pinnacle Studio and many more.

Why you should use video templates

As mentioned, video templates offer many features, which is the first reason you might need to use video templates. By adding music, effects, and animations to your videos, you make them more appealing, and this can be a big booster if you need them for marketing or branding purposes.

Here are other great reasons why you use video templates:

They are easy to use

You don't need any training to use video templates. The templates are self-explanatory, and so you can create your videos within a short time.

They are fun

Videos are fun- especially why they are animated. You can therefore use the templates to tell your stories in a fun way, and you also enjoy the video editing process!

They are affordable

You don't need to break a bank to use video templates. If you don't have the subscription, you can opt for the free templates and still make those appealing videos you've always envisioned.


You can use video templates to create both short and long-form videos. You only need to know what you exactly want and use a suitable template. Pinnacle Studio offers high-quality video templates that allow you to create and edit your videos with ease.

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