Memes are all over the internet. If you spend a lot of time online, you probably know a person or two who always seems to have the perfect meme ready for any occasion. Perhaps this person just saves a lot of memes. But it's also possible that they are creating their own memes, custom tailored to the situation at hand in order to get the most laughs or engagement. You can too! In this post, we'll show you how.

What is a meme video?

Everyone has seen a meme. The good ones are short videos or pictures with a tiny bit of easily digestible text. The bad ones are pictures with so much text you need a bookmark to make it through. The secret to a great meme is that people can read it and see what it's all about without putting much effort into it. The mere act of scrolling through a feed is sufficient to fully comprehend the best memes. Memes also usually follow a specific template. This means reusing the same video or image with new captions, or creating your own media using the same format as the parent meme.

How to make a meme video

You can use any decent film editing software as a video meme maker. Although the exact process will vary depending on the software you use, the steps below are all you need to make a video meme using your favorite video editor.

Install a meme video editor

If you don't already have any video editing software, you'll have to download one Pinnacle Studio. is a great option that will let you make memes, as well as grow beyond memes to create videos of any type. Just about any video editing software will do, but you need to make sure that it exports to the formats you need and supports text overlays. As an alternative to text overlays, you can record vocals over top of your video. Just remember that GIFs don't have audio, so if you want to save to that format, you are limited to text.

Import your video file

Memes are usually made from an existing video or image. The idea is that you'll put text or vocals over top of the image to convey the theme of the media in a unique way. Of course, you can also create a meme from footage that you shot yourself. Regardless of where the video comes from, the first step is to import it into your video editor and drag it onto the timeline so you can edit it.

Add your desired text

Now you can add the text that you'd like to your meme. Using your video editor's text tools, add the desired caption for your video. Often, the text in a video meme will simply be whatever the character in the video is saying. These types of video memes are seen very frequently as reaction GIFs. The text can also be something that the character in question might say, or that otherwise fits the theme of the video.

Export the file

Finally, you need to export your video to a format that fits the platform you'll be using your meme on. As mentioned previously, an animated GIF is a very common format for memes. This is because animated GIFs are treated like images, and can be used anywhere images can.


Like any creative endeavor, memeing is an art form. To create a good meme, you need to be able to understand the meme template so that you're using it correctly, but also be creative enough to put your own twist on it. When you use Pinnacle Studio to create your memes, you'll not only be getting a lot of laughs out of your friends, but you'll be learning a powerful tool that will let you move on to more serious videos if you so desire. For more information on Pinnacle Studio, contact us today.

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