Starting a YouTube channel is the “in” thing today. Daily, thousands of videos are uploaded to the platform. It would help if you stood out to garner more views and subscribers. Great video intros are the ideal way of hooking viewers to your content. Are you green on how to make a YouTube intro video? Keep reading the article.

Companies like Pinnacle offer great video intro software and template. Want to make an intro for your video? Then take a look at this guide from Pinnacle Studio. We'll show you what to keep in mind as you design your next big eye-catcher.

What is a video intro?

Video intros are the first visuals your viewers see at the start of the video. You can pair a voiceover or a brief screen title with subtitles to explain what the video entails. An intro video presents you with an opportunity to sell your brand.

How to make a video intro

Want to learn how to make an intro? Here is a detailed brief:

Set a goal or purpose

What do you want to achieve with your video introduction? What message are you sending to your audience? It forms the core of the video intro. Center your purpose around:

  • Showcasing your content features and how they work
  • Highlighting your crew's talent
  • Giving your audience a sneak peek into your content and showing how it works
  • Demonstrate how you create your features

Keep the intro short

Do not bore your viewers with long intros. Studies suggest that five to seven seconds are ideal for an intro. However, you can elongate it for up to 30 seconds.

Personalize your brand

Humanizing your intro creates an emotional bond between you and your viewers. You can use voiceovers and brief tours of your workstation to keep tabs with your audience. A show of personality endears you to the viewers.

Rally a call to action

Now that you have learned how to make intro videos, how do you maximize the knowledge? Show your audience what follows after that. You can ask them to subscribe to your channel, donate funds or book a consultation depending on the purpose of the video.

Why you should use video intros

A good video intro gives you an array of benefits. Here are some:

  • An intro exudes professionalism; it shows viewers that you are dedicated to your craft. In turn, you gain the trust of the audience.
  • Intros precede the main content. Thus, they act as an introduction. They help to create anticipation for your subject.
  • Video intros fortify your brand. If you use the same line to introduce all your videos, it breeds familiarity with the audience and increases your YouTube authority.
  • Intros can act as narrative resources, video-based stories and vlog intros can be used in essays.

How to choose a video intro maker

There are tons of video intro makers strewn across the internet. How do you choose the best?

Budget and price

How much are you willing to fork out? You can use free intro makers, although you will be forced to compromise on quality. High-end software may also come with many unnecessary features. Try to find the middle ground, a software that does not cost much but makes good intros.

Ease of use

The tool should be user-friendly; this will help you avoid time wastage trying to hone your skills. Go for software with tons of tutorials and ready-to-use templates.

Advanced editing features

Tech is on the rise, and the latest YouTube videos have striking features. Settle for software that allows you to enjoy the trending technology perks.


By now, you have learned how to make a YouTube intro video.

Good intro-making software gives you an easy time while plying your trade. Great intros paint you as a professional and help to boost viewer confidence.

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