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What is a M4V file?

Created by Apple, an M4V file is a video file format, and it's most commonly used by film companies that want to protect their content. You'll find an M4V file used in movies and television episodes available on iTunes. This is because the file format offers the option of digital rights management (DRM)

When a person creates an M4V file and opts to use the DRM process, another person cannot make a copy of the video or other information that might be contained within the file. Of course, it's up to the creator of the M4V file to decide if they want to use the DRM option.

How to edit M4V files

When you create a movie in iMovie or some other type and use an M4V file, you can make edits to the file with the right kind of software. Of course, if the M4V file is someone else's, and they used the DRM option, you might not be able to make any edits.

In some cases, you might want to crop your M4V file to make a smaller clip, or you might want to add transitions between scenes to ensure the video moves smoothly from one scene to the next and doesn't feel choppy. Sound effects are another thing that you can edit into the M4V file with the right type of software.

How to make M4V files smaller

Do you need to make an M4V file smaller? It's possible that your file is too large to send through email, or the person that you're sending it to doesn't have a lot of space on their computer's hard drive. The good news is that it's possible to make your M4V file smaller, especially when you're exporting the file. You want to make sure that the M4V file opens and continues to play as well as it did before you made it smaller.

When to convert M4V

Even though an M4V file will play on most formats and players, there might come a time when you want to convert it to another file format. By converting the M4V file to a MPEG-4 file, you might find it easier to open and play the file on your Android operating system or PC. By converting the M4V file to another file format, you might be able to encourage a larger audience to view your video files and spread your influence.

M4V player

While the M4V file format was created by Apple to work with iMovie and files within their own video and television platform, iTunes, there are many players available out there that will play an M4V file. You can find online players and most Android phones have an app that can play this popular type of video file. When you're ready to play an M4V file, you'll be able to easily find a player, but remember, if the DRM is activated in the file, you won't be able to make a copy of it. The best option is to open the file and allow your computer to show any players already installed on your system that will run the file.

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