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Home Video
Pinnacle Studio 16
Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus
Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate
Pinnacle Studio 16 Trial

Avid Studio
Studio HD 15
Studio HD Ultimate 15
Studio HD Ult Collection 15

Studio HD 14
Studio HD Ultimate 14
Studio HD Ult Collection 14

Studio 12
Studio Plus 12
Studio Ultimate 12
Studio 12 Trial
Studio Ultimate version 11
Studio Plus version 11
Studio version 11
Studio MovieBox Plus version 12
Studio MovieBox Ultimate version 12
Studio MovieBoard version 12
Studio MovieBox Plus
Studio MovieBox Ultimate
Studio Plus version 10.5 Titanium Edition
Studio Plus version 10.5
Studio Plus 700-USB version 10.5
Studio 500-USB version 10.5
Studio version 10.5
Studio Plus 700-PCI version 10.5
Studio MediaSuite version 10.5
Studio 500-PCI version 10.5

Studio Version 10
Studio 500-USB Version 10
Studio 500-PCI Version 10
Studio Plus Version 10
Studio Plus 700-USB Version 10
Studio Plus 700-PCI Version 10
Studio MediaSuite Version 10
Studio 10 SE
Studio 10 Quick Start

Pinnacle Themes Winter Pack
Hollywood FX Plus 4.5 for Studio
Hollywood FX Pro 4.5 for Studio
Hollywood FX 4.x for Studio

Dazzle Video Creator Plus
Instant DVD Recorder
Dazzle DVD Recorder
Dazzle Video Creator
Dazzle Video Creator Platinum

Digital Video Creator 90
DV Clip
Digital Video Creator 85
Digital Video Creator 150
Digital Video Creator 80
Digital Video Creator 120

Dazzle TV
Dazzle to go

HFX 5.5 MEGA for Studio
HFX 5.5 Plus for Studio
Hollywood FX Plus 5 for Studio
HollywoodFX Mega version 5 for Studio
Instant DVD Recorder
InstantCopy version 8
Studio 9 Premium Pack
Studio 9 QuickStart
Studio AV/DV Deluxe version 9
Studio AV/DV version 9
Studio Deluxe
Studio DV
Studio DV Version 9
Studio DVmobile
Studio MediaSuite
Studio MovieBox Deluxe version 9
Studio MovieBox DV version 8
Studio MovieBox DV version 9
Studio MovieBox USB version 8
Studio MovieBox USB version 9
Studio Plus version 9
Studio version 8
Studio version 9
Studio Version 9 SE

Advanced Video
Hollywood FX Pro
Image Lounge
Impression DVD-Pro
Knoll Light Factory
Liquid Edition
Liquid Edition AV/DV version 6
Liquid Edition PRO
Liquid Edition PRO version 6
Liquid Edition Productivity Pack
Liquid Edition version 6
Masters of Visual Effects
TitleDeko Pro

Liquid blue
Liquid chrome
Liquid silver

Avid Liquid 7
Avid Liquid Pro 7
Avid Liquid Chrome Xe

Mobile Media
Mobile Media Organizer
Mobile Media Converter

Video Capture
Pinnacle Video Transfer
Video Capture for Mac®
Disc Burning
Instant CD/DVD version 8
Instant PhotoAlbum
Instant VideoAlbum
InstantCD/DVD MegaPack
InstantVideoalbum Plus

Digital Home
PCTV To Go HD Wireless
Studio MP30-TV

Digital Media Adapters
Showcenter 250 HD
ShowCenter 1000g
ShowCenter 200

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