Video Clean-up

The key to improving the quality of your video and audio is to create your edit first (so that you don't have to do extra work) and then access the video effects tools. Simply double click on any clip on the timeline and the effects console will pop up over the album window at the top of the screen. From here, select the effects tab (the bottom button at the left hand side).

Depending on the version of Studio you're using you may see different options.

Wobbly camerawork

If your camerawork is a little shaky, you can correct the effect simply by selecting the stabilise option from the right hand menu, and clicking OK.

The stabiliser expands your video clip a little to overlap the edges of the screen, then scans each frame for rapid movement. It then adjusts by moving the visible area of the screen a little to compensate.

The system is great for compensating for the odd judder, but won't cut out deliberate slow movements. If you move the camera too much, of course, even the stabilise tool won't be able to recover it, but for most hand held footage, the results will be a lot smoother.
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Image quality

Studio includes a couple of instant tools for improving the picture quality of your footage if it's too bright or dark, or if its colours look wrong. The Auto Colour Correction filter can often give you a much better balance of colour and shade. When you add it, a control appears at the right hand side of the window allowing you to adjust the shot's brightness.

If you need a higher level of control, try the Colour Correction or Lighting filters from the Studio Plus RTFX menu option. These give you controls allowing you to adjust brightness and colours over a much greater range.

Colour correction can only emphasise elements of the image which are there to begin with, but it's often surprising just how much a picture can be improved by careful use of these filters.
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On-camera microphones are often not that good. They pick up lots of background sound and are often plagued by wind noise. Studio includes automatic tools for dealing with these problems.

Simply select a clip on the timeline and click the audio button at the top left of the timeline. Select the effects tab, and choose the Noise Reduction effect and click OK

This adds the effect and you can listen to the results right away by hitting the play button. However you can also adjust controls for noise reduction and wind reduction. The higher you set these controls, the more noise studio will remove, so be careful not to set it too high otherwise the sound you want to keep will begin to sound distorted.
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