Create High-end Movies with Pinnacle Systems’ New Powerhouse

Robust new software meets the needs of a wide range of technology enthusiasts


In today’s multimedia-driven world, creating and sharing home movies has gained widespread popularity among an extensive range of consumers. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned expert, the newest Pinnacle Studio™ version 12 software gives you the tools you need to produce Hollywood-style movies featuring free-of-charge rich soundtracks, slick transitions, and other dazzling special effects.

Let’s follow Sid, Tara, and Phil—three Pinnacle Studio version 12 users with varying degrees of technological savvy—as they fulfill their passion to craft professional-looking movies.


A highly successful experiment

Rounded Rectangle:  Sid is no computer wiz. For this 60-something physician, the intricacies of email and web searches had initially presented some challenges. Over the past few years, Sid’s children had sent him video clips of the grandkids. With Sid and his wife Sally’s 40th anniversary approaching, Sid was determined to merge the clips into a movie that he could show at the anniversary party. The process seemed intimidating. But Sid had bitten the bullet and ordered some interesting video editing software advertised on the web—Pinnacle Studio Standard version 12. He found that the software could be installed in his PC and had an intuitive interface. With a few deep breaths and a little experimentation, Sid began to see that he didn’t have to be a techie to make this project a success. Sid liked the idea of including and animating digital still photos; it was a cinch to import family pictures from his digital camera right into the software. Sid was surprised at the simplicity of the Pinnacle user interface, which made it easy to simply drag and drop the various video clips and photos onto a timeline. Other intuitive features as thumbnails, double-click, keyboard shortcuts also made the job easier. As his movie came together, Sid felt emboldened. He decided to import Sally’s favorite oldies music into the file and use the straightforward digital audio controls to sync movie elements with the soundtrack using markers. With Pinnacle Montage included in the package, he had access to more than 80 professional, pre-built templates that made it easy to add themed effects. He chose the “Tribute” theme and it really looked fantastic! The software also offered SmartMovie presets that automatically added titles and transition music to his movie. Sid was thrilled with the result, and his inspired handiwork touched Sally deeply at the anniversary party.


Web designer turned Hollywood producer

Rounded Rectangle:  As an experienced web designer, Tara has frequently uploaded video clips to her clients’ web sites. This week, however, is her first foray into creating her own professional-quality movie—a sports theme-based video of various activities with her friends. Tara installed her new version of Pinnacle Studio Plus version 12. Using the software’s intuitive interface, Tara was able to quickly master the basics, importing digital videos and photos from her AVCHD camcorder and arranging them in a logical sequence. In just a few moments, she was able to cut the undesired clips and shorten her one hour video to 10 minutes. Soon she was ready to delve into more sophisticated features. She used the new Pinnacle Montage theme-based editing feature to layer her video, still photos and even a few animated graphics she had imported from the web. She chose the built-in sports theme to create a consistent style with chapter separators with smooth transitions between video of her various activities. Next, she used the Chroma Key feature to create virtual backgrounds and picture-within-picture effects—and the complete high-definition workflow provided the same pristine quality from original source all the way to final output. She wrapped up her project by creating a customized DVD with motion background and complete menus for the movie: “Sports Girls Gone Wild!”. Excited to share her masterpiece with her girlfriends, Tara took advantage of Pinnacle’s one-click web publishing tool to upload the movie to Yahoo! Video.


The expert in video edginess

Rounded Rectangle:  Extra money was always welcome, and Phil made lots of it moonlighting as a home movie editor. He received a steady stream of business from teenage friends and technology-challenged adults who had reams of video and photos but lacked the know-how to piece them together. Phil had gone through a number of editing software packages, with fair success, but had recently switched to the latest version of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Phil was amazed by the robustness of the software. He began to fully explore the software’s power with his most recent creation—a documentary exploring local artists and their exhibitions. After importing and arranging the elements and performing color corrections, Phil used precise keyframe control to add dramatic lighting and a grainy ‘film look’ effect that gave his creation an edgy feel. The Magic Bullet plug-in offered 50 presets that could give his video an instant makeover, and Phil added a “Bistro” footage style to portions of his video that made the colors more vibrant and gave the video’s images subtle golden highlights. Phil then used markers for precision timing as he cut rapidly back and forth from one featured artist to another. He used proDAD VitaScene to add special lighting and glows to titles, Boris Graffiti tilting tools to create an opening title for his movie and the on-board audio to enhance his soundtrack. With Pinnacle Studio version 12’s powerful editing tools all in one software package, Phil found that his movie editing was far superior and much more fun than his earlier endeavors. In the wee hours of the morning, Phil finally finished his ingenious tour de force. He decided to export the movie to his Apple iPod to show his friends tomorrow afternoon, when he finally woke up.