Internet Radio

Tuning in

Tuning in to Internet radio on PCTV is simplicity itself. Just click the radio icon next to the TV icon at the top of the PCTV console and you can select channels in just the same way as you do with TV - by clicking the button at the centre of the control panel and choosing from the list displayed.

You'll find digital channels (those accessible through digital TV) listed along side Internet channels (radio shows broadcast online). The only difference being that you can pause and record digital channels whereas you can't with Internet radio stations.

Recording radio

Recording a digital radio channel works in just the same way as recording a TV show - you can simply click the red record button or you can schedule recordings in the future with the EPG button.

There's no program guide for radio stations, but if you know when a show is on, you can simply select the timings for PCTV to start and stop recording.


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To keep PCTV up to date with new stations, it's worth scanning every so often using the scan button in the Radio section of the PCTV settings dialogue (click the button at the top left of the PCTV screen to open this.

Scanning detects any new Internet or digital channels that have become available and removes any that have disappeared since your last scan. Once you've scanned, restart PCTV and check out your new channels.

Pick of the stations

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So what's on Internet radio? Well, there's a huge number of constantly changing channels providing everything from Europop to Classical music, but here's a taster:

For a mix of Jazz from the 50's to today, check out Modern Jazz.

If Latin music is more your thing, tune in to Salsa Stream, and practice your dance moves.

If you're in a relaxed mood, try Groove Salad, for a chilled selection of ambient beats and Grooves.

Alternatively, for something more up-tempo click on Rave Trax, Hardcore or Goa Psy-Trance and you'll be rewarded with wall to wall high-energy dance tracks.

Finally, for something a bit less synthesized, "Indie Pop Rocks" plays a choice of indie favourites along with new tracks from up and coming artists. If you like what you hear, their Internet site ( offers links to buy all the songs they play.

Adding music

You can even add unlisted Internet stations if you're feeling adventurous: Look out for the addresses for your favourite online stations (you need to find the pls file address) and add them as new stations using the radio section of the settings dialogue. You'll then be able to listen to them through PCTV.

To get you started, there's a list of PLS addresses at:

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