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Who imagined that blending video, photos, and music together could be so easy—and result in such remarkable home movie creations? With the Dazzle Video Creator, no prior experience is required to capture footage from nearly any video device, design and edit your movie, save it directly to DVD, and even upload it instantly to video sharing sites like YouTube and Yahoo!Video.

Using Dazzle Video Creator Plus, Gabe and his daughters created a professional-looking home movie in just a few hours. Let’s trace their steps to see just how easy—and fun—the project was. Simple setup, sophisticated results.

Pinnacle Life

Gabe isn’t big on technology, but he loves his video camera. Although he had spent weeks mastering every feature and setting, Gabe now felt like a pro as he captured the twins’ birthday parties, bowling matches, and shopping excursions with their mom. Now, a year later, Gabe was sitting on a stockpile of video footage. He even had several years’ worth of family outings recorded on VHS tapes. As imposing at it seemed, it was time for Gabe to transfer the various videos to his PC and turn them into a series of streamlined digital home movies. iPod to show the movie off to her friends.

Gabe had recently purchased a Pinnacle product called Dazzle Video Creator Plus. With his girls by his side, Gabe opened the package and removed the sleek Dazzle USB capture device. Following the instructions on the quick-start poster, Gabe installed Pinnacle Studio software onto his computer. Then he connected the Dazzle device to his camcorder and slid the device’s USB cable into his PC. Hm…could it really be this simple? Gabe’s neighbor Jim, a big-talking high-tech wiz, had scared Gabe with dark tales of some sort of ‘capture card’ that needed to be installed inside Gabe’s computer. At the next neighborhood barbeque, Gabe would be sure to inform Jim just how wrong he had been.

The Dazzle device enabled Gabe to transfer a years’ worth of video from his camcorder to his PC. Once that was done, Gabe connected the Dazzle to his VCR and transferred the contents of dozens of VHS tapes to the computer. The process was far easier than he had imagined. Now it was time to have some fun. For their first movie, Gabe decided to blend footage of the girls’ practice and weekend games. The Pinnacle Studio software let Gabe review numerous videos, then drag and drop the twins’ favorite sequences onto a timeline in order to create the movie. Gabe trimmed a few of the clips to give the video a faster pace. Then, using a feature called Pinnacle Montage, Gabe and the girls chose a ‘sports’ theme to accompany their new video. The theme helped them insert sports-related transitions between sequences and add titles to the movie that had an energetic font.

In no time, Gabe and the twins had compiled all of their best game footage into a slick two-hour video, complete with a looping soundtrack. Gabe was proud of the results, and wanted to share his kids’ adventures with every relative who had an Internet connection. After burning the movie to a DVD, Gabe used Pinnacle’s one-click web upload feature to post the video to both YouTube and Yahoo! Video. Then he exported the video to a format his wife could play on her Apple iPod to show the movie off to her friends.

Amaze friends and family with your home movie masterpiece

Have you ever wondered how you could blend endless hours of home video into streamlined, sophisticated movies? With Dazzle Video Creator Plus , the process is easy. You simply transfer videos to your PC from nearly any video source; blend your videos into a movie using advanced editing features and an extensive array of special effects; then share your masterpiece on the web or output it to your Apple iPod or Sony PSP. Combining a high-quality video capture device with robust video editing software, Dazzle Video Creator Plus gives you the power to create polished, professional-looking home movies that your friends and family will love.