Coping with TV schedules

Recording a programme

The EPG (electronic programme guide) button at the top of your Pinnacle TVCenter screen is the key to scheduling recordings. It automatically (depending on where you are) downloads TV schedules for the coming week and allows you to browse them by time or channel.

Simply by selecting a programme, and clicking record, you can schedule that programme for recording. The programme will be recorded even if TVCenter isn't running. As long as your PC is on when the programme is on, your programmes will be recorded.

Tip: By selecting "time" at the top of the window, you can list all the programmes transmitted at a given time on the date selected by the calendar on the right of the window. If you switch to "channel" and select a channel from the right hand menu, you can view the programmes on that channel on your chosen date.

Once recorded your programmes can be found in the "recorded" tab (or you can locate them on your hard drive in the mydocuments/videos folder).

Start and finish times

The problem with sports events is that they can go into extra time, overrun or be postponed due to poor weather. This tends to throw out not just those programmes, but everything scheduled around them.

If you want to be safe, and make sure your recording doesn't cut off, you can alter the end time for your recording:

Simply schedule the programme for recording, then go to the Scheduled tab and select the event.

Now click Edit and you'll be able to set up your recording in a little more detail. To allow for extra time, you can alter the start and stop times for your recording in half hour increments.

You can also set the package to record a few minutes in advance of your programme's start time and a few minutes after its scheduled end. By default, TVCenter records five minutes before your programme and ten minutes after it's finished. However, during the sports season, it's wise to increase these times for the programmes surrounding big sporting events just in case of overruns.

Note: Pausing live TV:

If you're watching an event live, it's often useful to be able to pause your TV- for example if you want to answer the phone. As long as you've enabled Time shifting in the TV Center Settings dialogue, you can simply click the Pause button to stop your event for a few minutes and click it again to resume watching. Of course, once you re-start you'll no longer be watching "live" - everyone else will be a few minutes ahead of you!